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Poetry Analysis: Field of Vision & Ghosts

TPCASTT, Venn diagram, examples and conclusion.

Brett-Lee Jones

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Poetry Analysis: Field of Vision & Ghosts

Poetry Analysis
By: Nyasha & Brett-Lee Field of Vision & Ghosts Field of Vision: Seamus Heaney TPCASTT Title: Could possibly be about being/going blind? Reminiscing?
Paraphrase: An older woman, sits in a wheelchair staring out the window and observes the surroundings.
Connotation: The more you become knowledgeable, the wider your field of vision expands. Uses imagery, metaphors,
Attitude: Reflective-illustrating inner most thoughts and emotions.
Shift: The poem stays fairly neutral the whole way through, not a straight forward shift present.
Tone: Sincere, genuine and thought provoking.
Title: Nothing about blindness, but does have to do with reminiscing. Ghosts: Tom Dawe TPCASTT Title: Could be a reflection on a loved one who has died? Going to be sad/dreary?
Paraphrase: All of his previous positive memories have faded and turned to "ghosts" and is upset because he will not see them again. He longs to visit the past.
Connotation: The author uses many different objects and memories from his past to convey the message that everything turns to "ghosts" eventually.
-uses similes (like drowned kittens), repetition and imagery
Attitude: Intense-a sincere state of mind, sad reflection.
Shift: At the beginning, it starts off as a positive reminiscing poem but quickly shifts to negative feelings "drowned kittens".
Tone:Depressing, solemn, deeply earnest, morose and gloomy.
Title: Does reflect on the past, but in a negative way, and how everything is gone and not returning. -Both are written poems
-Some sort of
-Male authors
-No rhyme scheme Venn Diagram Ghosts Field of Vision -Really more about reminiscence
-Thought provoking
-Deep thinking
-More clear, free verse
-No real structure
- Does not rely on poetic devices -More solemn and depressing
-Uses echo
-Uses a variety of poetic devices
-Repeats the word "and" quite a bit, continuous.
-Nostalgia The author's communicate a common reflective message through the connotative meanings of their poems.
Ghosts-Reminiscing about the past, upset and depressed when describing his memories. Captures the modernization and industrialization of his native home land.
Field of vision-Learning, preparing for present and future. Discovery and knowledge of deeper meanings of things in life.

Field of vision and ghosts use figurative language and connotative meanings of deeper thoughts.
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