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No description

Chad Farner

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of Excretion

The Excretory System The Purpose of the excretory System The Excretory system rids the body of cell wastes and controls
the volume of blood. The ORgans of the Excretory System The Kidneys
The Bladder
The Skin 1. 2. Blood Enters the Nephrons 3. Water, Sugar, and Waste from blood enter the cuplike structures 5. 4. Capillaries reabsorb most
of the sugar, water, and salt 6. 7. Urine flows from the
ureters to the bladder 8. Urine flows through the
urethra and out of the
body How the Kidney Works Sweat from sweat glands take away excess water, salts, and other wastes The organs of the urinary system clean the blood of cell wastes and helps regulate blood volume.
Your two kidneys filter
all the blood in your body
every 30 minutes. You lose about 12 oz of
water a day through breathing
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