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Time Capsule

No description

lulu perez

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Time Capsule

By Alexia Smeir Time Capsule 2001 I was born 2002 I learned how to walk and to talk 2003 From 2001 to 2012 my life to me is so perfect and not in many ways hope you like it! :) AND WAS POTEY TRAINED I was playing with toys all the time and I will play with my big sister 2004 I had a little brother that just came into the world on, January 04. I was now a BIG SISTER yay 2005 I stared pre-school and some Kindergarten and my baby brother is now one-year old and I am five years old 2006 I was in first graded and I got a dog his name was Diesel 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 I moved to a new school called Bentley Elementary it was a good school and I stayed there though second grade and three grade I met my best friend Valeska she is from Venezuela in my new school. We had sleep overs together and one day I went early in the morning to the pool and, then I slept over her house and the next day, we went to the pool and then she slept over my house We had a great time, (we were best friends and we are still best friends) I was getting ready to move to my new school and a new house I was getting ready to moving to a new school and a new house. I sad and happy at the same time, I was sad because I was going to miss her. I was also happy because I was going to make new friends at my new school! I all ready move to my new house and I made a lot friends like Angie, Kalee, Donnie, selah, and Nezaret and my teacher was very nice her name was Mrs.Rivera. My new school and house was great and me and my best friend were still in touch like she would come to have sleep overs and all but we both made new friends too I am in 5 grade and I went to Puerto Rico I got a new dog his name was Blaze and he is a yellow lab. and he is one of the cutest Lab. in the world and I trained him tricks and some other cool stuff too. One of my friends left the school and went to a new one but she calls once every two to three months and my best friend Valeska had a play date and a sleep over because we miss each other and now she lives 20 min.... away unlike wen she used live almost an hour away I was just born I was about 9 years old This is me and my best friend This my new dog Blaze he is a yellow Lab. I was about 3 years old I always loved the camera I was about 1 years old and I love to play in the sand I was a silly one That is me and one of my friends That is me on Halloween I was 9 My first Halloween I was an angel I got all A yay I was still a baby 1-2 years old I was as cute as an button That is Diesel
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