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Double Identity Questions

No description

Tay JL

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Double Identity Questions

Explain how Joss's losses have changed her choices in life.
Joss was always a follower of Elizabeth. She never really made decisions for herself because Elizabeth was always there to make them for her. So when Elizabeth and her father died in the car accident she made a vow to change that because she knew her father had not created to mimic somebody else but be original. So the deaths in her family actually released the real Joss into the world not the first copy of Elizabeth.
What are the similarities and difference between Bethany and Elizabeth?
How do you think Bethany's life will unfold as a teenager and as an adult (write in first person perspective).
I believe Bethany will have a successful life after the dust has settled. Of course she will probably be reminded that she is a clone, but she will continue to find simple ways to differ, not minding her genetic situation.
How have different deaths in Bethany's family changed her mother, father, and aunt.
The deaths that occurred in the past have heavily impacted Bethany and her family. Her mother and father never got the chance to heal after Elizabeth;s death because Bethany was always there to remind them that in a sense she was gone which would bring back a temporary reoccurring mourning period. Aunt Mrylie never had that chance to sort of recreate her husband so over time she healed and began to do her best and learn from the whole experience.
How plausible is this story line? Why or why not would you believe the plot is possible?
I believe this plot is a plausible story line. There could be people out there right now doing similar things. Even if they do not legalize something most likely people who should not go near the illegal thing do. Stealing is not legal but some citizens still commit the crime.
Compare and contrast the relationship Bethany has with her aunt with that of her mother (use words only with five letters or less).
She has a more open one with her aunt than her mom. It is a fresh and new start for her so she makes it worth it.

Double Identity Questions
Who are you more like thirteen-year-old Joss, Elizabeth, or Bethany?
Rewrite a chapter from the book from another character's point of view.
What other emerging technologies have the potential to affect our lives in such drastic and irreversible ways? What are your thoughts on possible ch vs. ch, self, world, nature, and/or machine conflicts that might arise?
Analyze the author's work by stating your likes and dislikes of the novel.
I enjoyed the book Double Identity cover to cover. I did not have any thing I critique about the story. Some of the things I like about the book is its ties to something scientific, interesting but is still reality. I also like the way that Margaret Haddix continuously used figurative language in her story of Bethany. An example of this would be "I swim until my arms feel like limp spaghetti..." This is an simile.

I believe I am more like thirteen year old Bethany. One reason is because i am not as outgoing as Elizabeth and i do not like being the center of attention. Bethany is laid back and has a curious mind which I can relate to.
Chapter 7
I hope she did not take notice to what Tammy said. I knew this could be a consequence of taking her outside but she looked bored and restless.
She has been swimming for quite some time now you could tell that Bethany wanted to go for quite a while.
I am snapped out of my worries by the sound of wet feet heavily connecting with the floor.
"Done?" I ask her while handing her a towel. It had seemed like Bethany would have stayed in the lap lanes forever.
We head to the showering and changing area. I hope I do not see any other old friends that will recognize Bethany's face. To be sure I peer around the room nervously hoping we will not have to vacate the premises due to another Tammy.
"I'll just grab a shower and change in there." She states giving me an awkward look. Bethany moist have noticed my behaviors because she looks at me like I am an alien.
When Bethany comes out of the dressing room dressed and ready to go I decide we should leave as soon as we can. She opens her mouth wanting to say something else but she then closes it and shakes her head in a no motion.
We leave the locker room in a hurry and I say a quick goodbye to Ronald's mom. We proceed to make our way to the car and as soon as we get into the vehicle I drive out of the parking lot.
I think while I drove down the streets and soon enough I was back in the driveway. I just sit there my brain still racking through my thoughts and fears. I do not hear a single sound from Bethany until she asks me a question that I feared she would ask.
"Who?" She says in a voice barely above a whisper. "Who did she think I looked like?" This has me shaking. Bethany, I wish I could answer that question, but is not up to me.

Technologies such as the smart homes that can be run by our smart phones have the potential to change lives drastically. You don't have to do anything the old fashion way anymore and now that can be extended to anything such as turning on the air condition your phone or even turning off a faucet. Though this could create conflicts such as your home maybe breaking down while you are not at home or it letting in hackers that hacked into your home by their smart phones. This would be a conflict of character vs. machine.
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