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IMC Plan Magnolia Powdered fruit Drink

Case 10

Martin Dela Cruz

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of IMC Plan Magnolia Powdered fruit Drink

an IMC plan presentation by Outcast Agency Magnolia Fruit Drink Powdered Mix Where Are We? Why Are
We There? Where Do we
Want To Be? How Do We
Get There? Are We
Getting There? Consumers that have purchased Magnolia Fruit Drink Powdered Mix have a positive feedback about the brand.
They said that the taste of the brand is very close to the natural taste of the flavors of the powdered fruit drink.
Cheaper - Php 7.50 Standing in the Mind Magnolia Fruit Drink shares a small portion with the other powdered juice drinks available in the market.
This is because the majority of the market buys Tang powdered juice drink dominates this particular market. This is also because Tang is widely distributed throughout the country unlike its followers which are only distributed in some areas of the country. Standing in the Market The brand has minimal visibility in the market. The consumers and the primary targets of the brand also don’t have knowledge of the brand which is why the sales of Magnolia Fruit Drink are not satisfactory.
The market is not aware of the benefits that the brand can give to them because of the said lack of visibility in the market.
Lack of promotional material Brand Awareness Current buyers socio-economic class broad C and D and the mothers who want to have something nutritious to give to their family. User Response The consumers of the brand have positive responses to the brand as it satisfies their needs when they consume it. These consumers only have a problem with the limited distribution of Magnolia Fruit Drink in the market. Product
Magnolia Fruit Drink Powdered Mix is a brand under Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. It has different flavors for the consumers to choose from. This offers the consumers a variety of choices for their tastes. It is under a company that has a large following on alcoholic beverages but they lack the marketing strategies required for non-alcoholic beverages. This is the reason that the brand has a small share of the market. Target Market
Primary -Moms with kids aged 6-12
Secondary -People who want cheap but satisfying healthdrinks
Socio economic class C and D
Key Marketing Issue
-Lack of Visibility in the Market
-This would be remedied by re-launching the brand in the market to make a stronger marketing strategy that would make the brand more visible. Marketing Objectives -To make Magnolia Fruit Drink more visibile in the market by 60% by the end of the campaign.
-To make 40% of the consumers switch to Magnolia Fruit Drink by the end of the campaign In assessing the performance of this plan for Magnolia Fruit Drink Powdered Mix, the group would employ a process evaluation to measure the efficiency of the marketing effort. The Marketing and Media objectives are the basis for the evaluation. Evaluation of Effectiveness Big Idea: Sigla "Sigla" - represents the kids who want to be active, smartand full of energy. Communication Strategy We want tomake Magnolia Fruit Drink Powdered Mix reach out to the Target Market and make them aware of the Brand and health benefits one can get from drinking it.
Through above the line advertising and organizing and sponsoring events. Phase 1
-Print ads, OOH and TV ads
from January to March 2013
-focus on establishing awareness and meant for the re-launching of the brand. Phase 2
-Ready, Sigla!, Go! School Tour
-New TV ad
-It's Showtime! Phase 3
-New TV ad
-Co-sponsorship Campaign Strategy
-Advertsing TV and PRint
-Events Marketing and Sponsorship Media Objectives
-To produce print ads that would help inraising brand awareness.
-To produce a new Tv ad campaign that will target 100% TV viewership until September 2013 and gather participation on the events interconnected with the campaign
-To Commenceevents that will generate participation from the target market andprovide them information about the brand.
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