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Teaching Philosophy

No description

Caroline Farmer

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Teaching Philosophy

Classroom Teaching Philosophy Large Group Work Individual Work Parents Community By Caroline Farmer Interactions
Students Players in a Child's Education Random "Teachable Moments" Free Reading Times Instruction Discipline Teachable Moments Teacher-Parent Relationship Attitude Hands-On Learning Small Group Work Teacher Instructed Rotated Centers Teacher Float
To All Centers Variety of Activities Short Amount of Time At Each Center For ALL ages Take time for the
little things. Needs to support
children's education Teachers Disciplinarian Professional Self-less Educator Multi-tasker Care Giver Role Model Your personal problems stay
outside the school, and you pick
them back up when you leave. Firm but Gentle Take care of every
aspect of the child. No-Gossip Clothes cover
inappropriate areas
of their body Never put down
a child in any way Reads own book,
during class reading time Plan lessons Take care of children Have own life,
outside of school Continuously learning yourself Think of new ways to
teach information Question Everything Role Model Daily Rituals Teacher Reading Times Teacher Structured Games Projects requiring lots of time Teacher Structured Activities "Circle Time" Free Play Free Art Montessori Beliefs Preventive Discipline Dr. Linda Albert's
Cooperative Discipline Appropriate Language Appropriate Dress Model Learning Show a love of learning Building of
Self-Confidence Creating Independent Students Teach the child as an individual You Get Back What You Put In It Active Participant in Child's Education Constantly Learning How to Be a Better Parent Strong Teacher-Student Relationship Active Participant in School Boards Help Give Resources to Schools/Teachers Management Dramatic
Play Area Layout Well Prepared The Student Positive
Motivation Inviting to children, parents, and community members Always look at children
artwork or creations. Preventive Observer Online Teaching Portfolio at http://cefarmer.iweb.bsu.edu/ Visit Caroline Farmer's
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