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[CFVG] - MBA 21 - Group 1 - SCM presentation

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Mai Thanh Thuy

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of [CFVG] - MBA 21 - Group 1 - SCM presentation

Budapest San
Francisco STRATEGIES THAT FIT EMERGING MARKETS EMERGING MARKET DO THI MY ANH | BUI QUYNH TRANG | PHAM DIEU LINH | NGUYEN THI DAO | NGUYEN MANH LINH | MAI THANH THUY CFVG - MBA 21 - GROUP 1 | Where - What - How? ISSUES Multinational companies choose Emerging Markets Problems: Reasons: Differences btw Home market - Invest (emerging) market Intermediary firms
Institutional voids
Soft infrastructure identify internationalization strategies
choose which countries to do business with Poor soil for profit
Make a most out of operating in emerging markets COMPOSITE INDICES Basis informations for drawing up strategies Forecast of next political transition Lack of essential information about soft infrastructure Not useful to warning signals about institutional voids Impossible to tell developing countries apart and differences btw countries ADVANTAGES Estimate the potential profits 5 context framework Make PROGRESS Labor Market Product Market Openness Political and social system Capital market Adapt your strategies
DELL IN CHINA Find your way out... The Three Strategy Choices Change the context
GE HEALTHCARE Input 1 - Supplier Raw material
Information research Input 3 - Staff Transformed resources:
Staff Input 2 - Owner Output Process Product or services Transformed resources:
Capital Investment
Corporate Strategy SUCESS AFTER THE CHALLENGES Operations
strategy Design Planning and
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