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Greve and Schmitt

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Greve and Schmitt

The Desert Animals Jack Rabbits
Kangaroo Rats
Rattle Snake
Desert fox Plants
White Primrose
Quiver Trees
Cacti Weather Rainfall: Less than 25cm a year How people effect the ecosystem Nothing because no one lives there 2 Natural resources Sand
Water 4 Facts Deserts don't always get hot.
Not a lot of water.
It can get really hot in deserts.
There are a lot of different animals. What continent is it found in? Every contient except for Antartica Temperature: In the summer 38°c (100°F)
in the winter 7°c (45°F) shout out's Amber Schatzabel
Antonio Pillar
Rachael Walters-Davis
Nathan Maas
Shawna Patterson
Kaeden Green
Madi peter (mickey)
Micheal Randall
Lexii carner
Cody Gibson
Randa Oltmanns
Nathan Blackburn
Desiny Green Quiver Tree Kangaroo Rat
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