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The Cell as a Restaurant

No description

Miriam Mohammed

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of The Cell as a Restaurant

The Cell is like a restaurant. For my cell analogy I chose a restaurant because I believe it is a great way to help you have a better understanding of a cells organelles their functions.
The Cell as a Restaurant
Function - Controls everything, the brain of the cell.
The owner of the restaurant is like the nucleus.
The owner of the restaurant controls everything and everyone in the restaurant just like the nucleus, the control center, controls everything that happens in the cell.
#1 - Nucleus
Function - Outer layer of the cell. Protects what's inside and shapes the cell.
The cell membrane is like the building and walls of the restaurant.
The building and walls protect the restaurant and customers from bad weather and it also gives shape to the restaurant.
#2 - Cell Membrane
Function - Makes protein
The Chefs are like ribosomes.
They make the food which has protein, just how ribosomes create protein.
#3 - Ribosomes
Function - Stores water, food and waste
The Vacuole is similar to the fridge in a restaurant.
A fridge is used to store all kinds of food and drinks and a vacuole is used in the same way, to store food and water.
#5 - Vacuole
Function - Clears waste material from cell
Lysosome is like the custodian in a restaurant.
Lysosome clears waste from the cell, and a custodians job is to clean the dining room, washrooms, kitchen and take out the trash.
#6 - Lysosome
#4 - Endoplasmic Reticulum
Function - Packages and ships fat and protein.
The Golgi Apparatus is like the waiters/waitresses.
The chefs (ribosomes) and the kitchen (ER) both have a part in the process of making the food (protein) for the customers. Then the waiters/waitresses take orders and bring out the food (protein) for the customers, just like how the Golgi apparatus ships protein
#7 - Golgi Apparatus
#8 - Cytoplasm
By: Miriam Mohammed
Function: helps in the making of protein and transport them to the Golgi Apparatus.
The kitchen in the restaurant is like the Endoplasmic reticulum.
The kitchen has a part in making the food (protein) with the chefs (ribosomes), just like the ER works together with the ribosomes to make protein.
Function - allows organelles to move around in the cell
The Cytoplasm in a cell is like the dining room in a restaurant.
The dining room allows customers and waiters/waitresses to move around, just how the cytoplasm allows other organelles to shift.
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