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lis lab3

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Ballet

BY: Anna and Annie
Ballet began in Italy in the 15 century
during the time of the Renaissance.
The first official ballet was Le Ballet Comigue de la Reine
(The Comic Ballet of the Queen)
You will need some kind of ballet shoe
(leather, or canvas). You also need your
hair off your face, whether it is a bun, braid,
or if you have short hair, pin your bangs
back. Additionally, you will need stretchy
clothing that you feel comfortable in.

The goal of dancing is to express yourself
in movement and expression. Also, it may
tell a story.
While dancing, you're not supposed to say
anything. Ballet dancers talk in movement.
You can dance wherever you want to; whether it's
during a performance, at home, or even outside.
Anyone can dance, even men; but women weren't
allowed to dance in public until 1681. Luckily, now all
genders can dance ballet. If you want to try.......
Fun Facts

A male dancer lifts over one and a half tons worth of ballerinas during performances.
Most ballerinas wear out 2-3 pairs of pointe shoes per week
A tutu requires 60-90 hours of labour and 100 yards of ruffle!
A three-hour ballet performance is roughly equivalent to two 90-minute soccer games back to back or running 18 miles.
A prima ballerina can complete 32 fouette turns, while staying in the exact same spot on the floor. After the turns, her pointe shoe tip is HOT to the touch and it is so worn out that it is used then only for rehearsal.
A stress fracture is common to ballet dancers. Almost 31% of them have had it or will have it.
Women were not allowed to dance in public until 1681.
Pointe shoes add a minimum of 7 inches of height to a dancer.

Thanks for watching!
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