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Application 4: Spotlight on emerging technology: Online learning in K-12 schools.

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Laura Townsend

on 30 January 2011

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Transcript of Application 4: Spotlight on emerging technology: Online learning in K-12 schools.

Schoology: A Learning Management System. Students can keep track of their assignments. Students can discuss topics without feeling intimidated and it provides time for them to think about a reply. All students have access to it either at home, school or even their cell phones. Information for the students can be posted on the site.
* homework assignments
* test dates
* due dates Teachers can provide links to websites which can provide practice and additional information on the subject. Can have discussions with other classrooms in your school. Students can post questions to the teacher or other students in their class or school. Students can work collaboratively on projects. * Promotes self-directed learning
* Can integrate real-world applications
* Promotes active collaboration
* Can provide Web 2.0 tools for projects (Lemke, C., & Coughlin, E., 2009) How are online learning similar to learning in the classroom? An e-learning teacher considers the elements of quality
instruction in any arena and adapts them to the virtual environment.(Johnston, S.,2007. Pg 22)

Educational theories and
solid instructional practices that have been applied and tested over time are essential resources to
assist educators in creating quality online courses.(Johnston, S.,2007, pg 22) Why should our school utilize a Learning Management System? Can provide enrichment programs for advance students Our school needs to have teachers who know how to navigate the website to mentor other teachers. Offer professional development courses for teacher training. Final note:
"As the
availability of computers and networks increase in
schools, computer-based educational materials become
more practical, increasing the opportunity for
educators to make student experiences richer and
more meaningful. It is essential that educators seize
the opportunity"(Gillard, S., & Bailey, D.,2007. Pg.89) What can our school do to help teachers to learn the LMS? Resources:
Gillard, S., & Bailey, D. (2007). Technology in the classroom: Overcoming obstacles, reaping rewards. The International Journal of Learning, 14(1), 8793.
Johnston, S. (2007). Developing Quality Virtual Courses: Selecting Instructional Models. In P. Adamson, B. Adamson, & N. Clausen-Grace, et al (Eds.),What Works in K-12 Online Learning (Chapter 2, pp. 21-31).
Hargis, J., & Schofield, K. (2007). Integrating Online Learning into Elementary Classrooms. In P. Adamson, B. Adamson, & N. Clausen-Grace, et al (Eds.), What Works in K-12 Online Learning (pp. 33-47).
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