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BSS 1014

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on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of BSS 1014




Our mission at Brainy Bunch International Montessori is to produce a new breed of dynamic Muslims with Al-Quran and Hadeeth as their true guidance in life, and who are able to converse fluently in English. Thus, it seeks to coordinate the efforts of parents, teachers, and community members to empower all students to develop, through education, the knowledge, skills, and values needed to create better lives for themselves and build a more just, ideal society based on Islamic values.

Apart from this, Brainy Bunch also endeavours to produce the highest quality of Teacher Training Programmes culminating in Certificates and Executive Diplomas in Islamic Montessori…the first of its kind in the world. Each and every teacher and future teacher in Brainy Bunch, given such accreditation, would definitely have the opportunity to be posted anywhere regionally and/or internationally.
Brainy Bunch believes that the world can be an Ideal World if everyone follows their true fitrah (nature) through the right education and the right environment. At Brainy Bunch International Montessori, we envision a high-quality education founded on a revolutionary, world recognised educational philosophy that is the Montessori “method” while simultaneously maintaining the need for Islamic teachings and guidance as one’s way of life. Our greater vision is to ensure that educating children through the Islamic Montessori way reaches far and wide all over Malaysia and beyond by committing to our aim of providing extensive training for existing and future teachers of Islamic Montessori who are English proficient, devoted in their field of expertise and who persist to maintain the highest standards in educating children.

May Allah SWT’s blessings be with us, Insha-Allah.

Assigment 2

The person that we interview :

Nur Farhana Binti Mohti ( HR )

Maszliana ( HR )
Identifying the generic skills of graduates
The student academic attributes:
 Academic performance (CGPA)-depend on Qualification and focus more in KSA which is knowldege,skill and ability…
 Good degree classification-no necessary,will give her/his one opportunity therefore,we will provided training to her/his at the same time we also will test her/his performance then depend on they own performance we will make a decision.
 Possess subject knowledge/disciplin skills(skills necessary to which are specific to certain job/field):they must able to communicate in English and able to control their emotional moreover able to overcome the problem they’re facing.
 Previous work experience:if they get experience therefore is better and high risk for choosing but if they don’t , then is fine but basically they must able to communicate and to guide/educate student.Result is not much important but basically must in level pass.

University factor:
 Reputation of university- don't care on which university they are but will take it to be consideration.
 Reputation of course-actually if they’re from education field much more better by anyways we also didn’t concentrate about this much but minimum they must a degree holder.
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