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Social Darwinism

No description

Summer Shipton

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Social Darwinism

What is Social Darwinism?
traits survive, while the others are not as fortunate. This leads to an, overall, better build by showing biological and hereditary improvements.
There are quite a few causes and effects that are linked with with social Darwinism. Social Darwinism has had both positive and negative effects on society. Social Darwinism 'justifies acts' that include, the world controversial acts and beliefs, colonialism and imperialism. Dark past events, such as the Holocaust, were even supported by the concept of social Darwinism. Social Darwinism, as mentioned before, was born from the ideas that Charles Darwin studied. Herbert Spencer had adopted the idea that Darwin studied and applied it to society. This could be debated as an act of confusion. Darwin did not theorize on society, he based his studies on nature and when Spencer adopted these ideas and applied it to something different than what was initially intended, it puts
confusion on where
'Darwin's theories and
Spencer's begin.'
Why is it Important?
It is important to learn about social Darwinism
because it had such a terrible impact on our history. It influenced unfortunate
ideas like colonialism and imperialism and events that encouraged racism,
like the Holocaust, for example. When we learn about social Darwinism,
and the effects that it has had on people, we then learn that it is wrong
and to prevent unfortunate future events, that coincide with the
topic. By learning about social Darwinism and identifying
he causes and effects, it helps us learn about how
to prevent the same mistakes.
Thoughts and Opinions
I think it is interesting how social Darwinism was heavily based on the studies that Charles Darwin did on animals and plants in nature and that the ideas were adapted in a way to form social Darwinism even though the original studies did not, whatsoever, include society. I think that, even though charities and services were created and supported by social Darwinism, it still had more negative effects than positive. Social Darwinism had encouraged and supported terrible events like the Holocaust and ideas like colonialism and imperialism.
Summer Shipton
What is Social Darwinism?
and Effect
and Effect
Thoughts and Opinions
Why is it Important?
Social Darwinism is the belief that
humans, in comparison to animals
struggle in order to exist through the process of natural selection. Social Darwinists base their beliefs off of a British naturalist Charles Darwin, who studied evolution and how animals with the superior

is based on Charles Darwin's findings on how plants and animals
evolve, in the wild, but are instead related to human sociology. People
who believe in social Darwinism also hold the belief that the governments
of countries should not be able to interfere with human
through the attempts to the economy. They also
believe that the government should not help treat the
social ills of society, for example poverty, because
it intervenes, in a negative way, on the

Social Darwinism
'natural selection'
Although there were many due to social Darwinism, there have also been positive ones. These can include the public services and institutions that help out and give opportunities for the
Even though financial handouts are opposing of social Darwinism, charity was not. One of the causes of social Darwinism was Charles Darwin himself. His studies are what caused Herbert Spencer to adapt his ideas to coincide with Darwin's, creating social Darwinism. Another reason that caused him to develop a more, in what Spencer had thought, deeper insight on society's play in Darwinism, was because it had not been addressed in Darwin's book,
Lastly, social Darwinism had started out as an idea to help promote the idea that 'white Europeans' were superior to other cultures, in comparison.
'fittest to
negative impacts
'The Origin of Species.'
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