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Book Report: The Owl Keeper

No description

Marilyn Williams

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Book Report: The Owl Keeper

By: Christine Brodien-Jones The Owl Keeper Main Character The main character in this story is Maxwell Unger. People call him Max and he loves the night. He loves stories about nature, but his favorite story was the story about the owl keeper. Max adores owls. In this story he turned out from being worried to being brave. He does the right thing by starting to become courageous when a new girl arrives. I can identify the character when he has a hard time being brave when his gran passed away. Other Characters Other characters in this story are Rose Eccles
and Mrs. Crumlin. Rose is named after the moon goddess Artemis. She likes to be called Rose because it's less formal. Rose is the reckless type but she isn't afraid of anything. Another character in the book is Mrs. Crumlin. Mrs. Crumlin is Max's guardian. She cooks, knits, and listens when Max has a nightmare. Mrs. Crumlin also loves the words: hypersensitive and hyper-frenetic. Setting The setting takes place at night at the owl tree. I think the setting affects the main character because he is allergic to sun particles and the only time he can go outside is at night. Later on in the story, the setting becomes more and more exciting when Max discovers secrets of his past and things that he could never imagine happen in his life. Prezi Presentation By: Marilyn Williams Genre: Fantasy Theme The moral of the story is to always be courageous in life. This book showed me to be brave through the tough times. I learned that being brave can be really hard when you loose someone you loved, but you know that you are not alone. What I Thought of the Book I thought the book was fantastic and very interesting!! Some parts I couldn't understand but I understand it by using the past sentences to guide me through it. I liked the book because it was believable and unpredictable. The main reason that I liked the book was because Max had a background that truly represents him. The story told about his past and things that he didn't know about. Which brought out the true meaning of himself.
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