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Henri Matisse

French Artist Project: Mr.Terwey

Michelle Braswell

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse
Matisse's Early Life
His First Paintings
Matisse's Painting Is Bought By A French Museum
1914: He painted
Branch of Lillacs
Still Life with Geraniums
. He also worked on etchings and lithographs
1917: Moves to Nice in the south of France
1921: Rented a bigger apartment in Nice, where he remained until 1938.
1939: Etches the
Portrait de Femme.
Matisse Draws The Swan
La Chute De Icarus
Born: December 31, 1869 in Château-Cambrai, France
He studied law in Paris before he was an artist and worked as a clerk in a law firm in 1887 - 1889
1890: He suffers from appendicitis. While he recovered, he began to draw and paint.
1894: Birth of his daughter Marguerite Emilienne
1898: He painted the
Vase of Sunflowers
1905: Painted
The Woman with the Hat and

Les toits de Collioure
(Roofs of Collioure).
1908: Started his own school.
1910: He painted
The Goldfish
1913: He painted
Portrait of Madame Matisse
. The model for this painting was his wife.
1941: Matisse is diagnosed with cancer and, after surgery, he began using a wheelchair.
1943: Makes
La Chute De Icarus
The Fall of Icarus.
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Matisse Publishes His Own Book
1943: Moves to Villa le Rêve in Vence, works on cut outs for, Jazz his book.
1947: Made a book full of cut outs called
. He also made Polynesia, The Sky and The Silence That Lives In Houses.
Matisse Designs In A Cathedral
1948: Matisse created stained glass windows and other decorations for Chapelle du Rosaire in Vence, a town near Nice, designing stained glass windows, murals, and furniture.
The End Of Matisse's Life
1949: Worked on his largest cut out,
Swimming Pool.
1953: Made La Gerbe.
1954: Dies on November 3, 1954, in Nice; was buried in Cimiez, November 8th.
1927: Exhibit at the Saint-Valentin Dudensing Gallery in New York, won first prize at the Carnegie International in Pittsburgh.
1930: Henri Matisse was on the cover of
1932: He sketched
The Swan
1934: Works on illustrations for James Joyce's
1939: He and his wife separated after 41 years of marriage
Art Movement
Matisse's creations were in the impressionism, modernism, modern art, fauvism, and neoimpressionism movement. This is all the movements that Matisse's art was in.
My artwork was done in the Fauvism movement.
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