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First Day of School Ms. Gentile

No description

Angelica Gentile

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of First Day of School Ms. Gentile

Welcome to Ms. Gentile's ELA Class
I am a Georgia Peach. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2010. I LOVE the Bulldawgs and SEC football!
Name Game!
One person starts with ball of yarn and answers a "get to know you" question.
That person then throws the ball of yarn to another person while holding their end.
The second person then answers a question, and chooses another person to throw it to.
The cycle repeats until everyone in class has answered a question.
Classroom Rules
Listen and follow directions the first time.
Raise your and and wait for permission to speak.
Keep hands, feet, objects, and negative comments to yourself.
Have your supplies and be on time,
Complete and submit all assignments on time with excellence.
**With your elbow partner, pick one rule, and answer the following questions:
1. Why is this rule important?
2. What would a classroom without this rule look like?
Mission Folder
Behavior Grades
E= Expectation
S= Satisfactory
N= Needs Improvement
U= Unsatisfactory
Book Nook
Twitter Wall
Tweet only about classwork or reading
All tweets must use proper spelling, grammar, etc.
No inappropriate language will be tolerated.
Let's Practice !
1. Verbal Warning
2. Individual conference
3. Rule Reflection Corner
4. Call Parent /Note Home
5. Referral/ ISS/ Suspension
I have one older sister and one nephew (Logan) and one new niece (Shelby).
Cell Phone & Electronics Policy
See it once, I WILL take it immediately and it will go to the office. Your parents can pick it up at the end of the school day.
ANY time after the first offense, it will be kept in the office until the Monday AFTER school is over in 2014.

How do you answer questions?
Yes Mam, No Mam
Why? Because it is a sign of respect. I will respect you the same way.
Bring Parent letter back TOMORROW, signed and completed. This is your first grade.
Use your Index Card to answer the following questions on the lined side:
1. Full Name
2. Birthday
3. Parents' Names
4. Home Phone/ Parent Cell
5. Address
6. Favorite song right now

I taught 8th grade in Atlanta, GA. These were my kids. I've been teaching for 3 years now.

Class Discussion:

2nd Period: Here are the facts: I’ve got about 10 students who are repeating 7th grade. I’ve got even more in this class who didn’t pass their ELA PASS test. I venture to bet that I’ve got a lot of students that would say they hate reading and writing because they think they aren’t very good at it.
Group Procedure
Students will divide into groups of 3
Carousel Notes
What are some steps teachers have to take to make this happen?
steps students?
steps parents?
Future steps we can take to keep improving?
Class discussion “tour” the notes
Bring it back:
our goals center around taking and improving these next steps, rapidly
Reading, writing, speaking, and asking why all contribute to these goals
tie it back to the big goal
tracker introduction
Shout Wall Procedure
Investment/ Rewards
5 minute reading practice (play music)
practice call to attention

Do Now:
On your loose leaf paper, answer the following question . Use full sentences.Why is education a gift?
Common twitter wall mistakes:
What is the gift?

Let’s be real. Some of us have not always valued the gift. Maybe we never thought of it that way. Maybe we let someone or something rob us of the gift. Maybe we abused the gift.
On almost every single student survey, students said reading was important because:
we need a job
it makes you smart
it helps you learn in every subject
But the truth is...
it is the basis of our society and everything you want to be.You don’t just wake up one morning and become the person you envision in your dream job or life. You
students will receive 85% on everything we do.
100% of students will pass or exceed the PASS Writing and Reading Exam
Students will attain at least 1.5 levels of reading growth.
Students will grow in writing skills according to the 6+1 Rubric for writing.
Homework: 2 paragraphs:
Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1.What are some specific steps you are going to take this year to reach our classroom goals?
2. What are some specific ways you are going to encourage our classroom team?

When you are done writing, sign your name to the bottom of your assignment. This is our contract for the rest of the year.
1. Walk in quietly
2. Backpack under back table
3. Pick up Journal
4. Sharpen Pencil (if needed)
5. Sit and begin DO NOW
Our class roadmap!
Keep Small , Small
Sometimes behavior issues get out of hand. There is no need.

Let's act it out.
Trade a pencil to get a pencil.
Class Points
Are earned each day. There are no limits to a class points.
Once 5 points are earned, the class earns a reward. Rewards include:
1. Ms. Gentile's famous cakes, cookies, muffins, brownies
2. Outdoor time during class
3. Video or Movie Time
4. Pizza Party
5. Game Time

Make Predictions
How would a class earn Class Points?
How might a class lose Class Points?
Do Now
Using your post it note, answer the following question .
1. Describe your favorite activity
2. How did you get better at it over time?

After the DO NOW, you will have one minute to turn in your homework to the appropriate bin.
Homework Turn In
Malleable Intelligence
No one is born smart or dumb.
Everything can change.
Tweet Me
Who else needs to know about Malleable Intelligence?
How will you teach them about it?
DO NOW Wednesday
Chose ONE Brain Wise paragraph that we DID NOT read or discuss yesterday.
Read the whole paragraph
Write at least 2 sentences to explain how the paragraph relates to the idea of malleable intelligence.
In the "Remarkable Rats" paragraph, the rat with more time to explore his enriched environment had a larger brain and was more intelligent. This proves intelligence can grow over time.
Silent Reading
Early Finisher
Silent reading will happen daily in this class immediately after the Do Now discussion.
Silent reading is... silent. (easy to remember huh?)
Your book will be kept under your desk in the basket.
You will choose one book on Monday and cannot trade books until the following Monday.
The timer will let you know when it is time to start.
What do you think of Bethune-Bowman Middle High? Do you think it’s a good school? Why or why not?

Copy each sentence below. Choose the vocabulary word that best completes each sentence.
enrich, bare, malleable, coordinating
Since his illness, he has had trouble __________ his arms and legs.
An appreciation of art will__________ your life.
Hard taffy becomes ____________after you warm it up
________patches of ground leave room for weeds to take root.
BONUS**If you finish early, illustrate each sentence
Silent Reading/
Early Finisher
Everyday, we will have silent reading time. ( At least 10 minutes a day)
Books will be selected at the beginning of the week. They cannot be changed until the following Monday.
You make check out books from the school library on Mondays.
Reading books are kept under your desk.
Writing Folders and Journals
Both are ALWAYS kept in the crates in the back of the room.
You must retrieve both before you sit down each day.
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