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Ragen Roger and Stephanie Ivey

Hershel W. Williams and George Sakato

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Ragen Roger and Stephanie Ivey

Hershel W. Williams
Ragen Roger Stephanie Ivey
George Sakto
Acting Sergt. Williams saw the American tanks wallowing in potentially in the soft volcanic sand. with covering g fire from four rifleman, he strapped on a flamethrower an d went after the pillboxes. over the next four hours he moved through intense enemy fire to assault one japanese position after another period. he climbed on top of one of the pillbozes and stuck the nuzzle of his flamethrower through the air vent, killing the sodiers inside and silencing the machine guns.
"Living here today this is a wonderful world. I cant believe it [there is] nothing like [the] U.S.A." This quote implies that not only is he patriotic and loyal to his country but is also honored to be here.
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as Demolition sergeant serving first battalion,twenty first Marines, Third Marine division, in action against enemy Japanese forces on Iwo Jima.
"When I wear this medal I don't just wear it for what I did . It really doesn't belong to me because two marines on February 23, 1945, gave their lives protecting mine."
"My friend...got shot. So I crawled over and picked him up and he died in my arms. "

“How I got the medal, I don’t know”, Sakato said. “I saw only 90 days of actual combat. Others deserve this much more. But I’ll take it for the guys who didn't come back”.
Williams saved other peoples lives for our country. He also had a lot of courage to fight for our country.
Sakato said in his interview, " I did want to prove to them that i am an american. although I look just like the enemy, I am of Japanese decent, but to prove my loyalty I would sign up for the air force but ended up in the infantry."
Nickname: ''Woody"
Born: October 2, 1923 Faremont, Virginia
Alliance: U.S.A
Branch: U.S Marine Corps
Y.O.S: WWII 1943-1945, Iwo Jima 1948-1949, 1954-1969
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer 4
Unit: 1 Battalion, 3D Marines Division
Battle: WWII and Battle of Iwo Jima
Awards: Medal of Honor 1945, Purple Heart
Nickname: Joe
Branch: U.S Army
Birth: Febuary 19, 1921 in Colton, California
Y.O.S: 1944-1945
Location: Biffontaine, France
Rank: Private
Unit: Company E, 2nd Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
Medal Received from: President Bill Clinton June 2000
Battles: World War 2
Awards: Medal of Honor Bronze Star, Presidential Unit Citation Emblem, Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge.
Each of these soldiers did not sacrifice their own lives but others men sacrificed their own to protect and allow these troops to do their duty.
In October of 1944 George's friend was KIA by Nazis. The determination to avenge his friend caused him to launch a one man rush that further inspired the platoon to charge, destroy, and capture the enemy strong point. Sakato killed 12, wounded 2, and personally captured 4 war prisoners. His platoon in all captured 37 prisoners.

Stephanie Ivey
Ragen Roger
Over 16,000,000 americans served in WWII. Around 15.7 million survived; of those survivors 464 soldiers earned the medal of honor and nearly half died due to war casualties and were awarded after death. Two of the recipients that survived the Holocaust and are still alive today are Hershel W. Williams and George Sakato.
WWII facts
Background info on George Sakato
George Sakato joined the military after his family voluntarily moved to Arizona to avoid being placed in an internment camp. Sakato thought he was joining the Air Force but found instead that he was placed in the Army infantry.

His segregated unit, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which included the US Army 100th Infantry Battalion, was comprised mostly of second generation Japanese Americans, and is the most decorated unit in American military history. It became known for its extraordinary bravery and its motto, “Go For Broke!”

Sakato’s Medal of Honor was originally disapproved and he received instead the Distinguished Service Cross. In June, 2000, along with twenty-one other Asian-American veterans of World War II George Sakato finally received his Medal of Honor from President Bill Clinton.

He was a very slow climber and he was left at the bottom of a hill thinking he was dead but later showed up at the camp and his name was crossed off the M.I.A list.
Hershel W. Williams showed a lot of everything , for instance honor. He showed honor by using a flamethrower and putting it into an air vent, killing soldiers inside and silencing a machine gun.
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