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Laura secord

No description

Mikayla Leavitt

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Laura secord

This is all about Laura`s journey.
Laura was born on September 13Th 1775 at great Barnington, mass. Laura`s mother died when she was 8 and left 4 little girls in the hand`s of her father. By the time her father remarried 3 times they had a large family. Laura`s family then moved to Niagara in upper Canada in 1795. In 1797 she married James Secord they were to have 6 daughters and 1 son. They settled in Queenston heights. she was 93 when she died on October 17 1868 in Chippewa Ontario.
James and Laura both had important parts in war of 1812. For helping the british in the battle Laura earned 100 pounds or 500 dollars. On June 21 1813 American troops demanded James and Laura's home. Laura wasn't recognized for her service until the 1860`s. Discovering that the Americans planned a sudden attack on the Briton James and Laura`s decided to tell the British.
Laura Secord made a choice to walk 30 kilometer to save the country of Canada. Laura was so courageous that she just kept on going bare feet until she met fitzgibbon`s tribe and they took her to fitzgibbon and she saved the country of Canada. Without Laura having that bravery Canada would not exist it would just be another part of the united states.
Laura Secord
The Export Picture
This a box of Laura Secord chocolate that was not hers but named after her.
Laura Secord Chocolate
The Canadian Book on Laura
Back ground
Important facts about Laura
Time line
30 kilometer walk to fitzgibbon

This photo tells that Laura is
: If it wasn't for Laura Canada would not exist and just be another part of the United States
: In October 1812 Americans came by boat to battle
: The expected surprise attack the Americans and later 1860 Laura told her story
1775- Laura Ingersoll was born
1797- Laura Ingersoll married James Secord
1812-Laura walked 30 kilometers in the woods of loyalist to the Americans
1813- Laura listened on the americans troop conversations
1868-Laura dies when she is 93 years old
This photo show`s exactly what Laura looked like well she happend to walk by the American`s well they were talking about a suprise attack on Fitzgibbon.

The journey begins.....
Surprise attack on fitzgibbon
thanks for watching :)
By Emma
and Mikayla
Laura and James Secord
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