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About Swimming

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thames thames

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of About Swimming

About Swimming
There are many kinds of strokes, which define different swimming styles.
Most strokes involve coordinated movements of all major body parts like - arms, shoulders, hands, legs and head.
Breathing should also be matched with the strokes.
Now I am going to tell you more about swimming techniques:-
Butterfly Stroke
Butterfly Stroke is performed face down in the water.

The legs perform a dolphin kick and the arms move in a forward

circle at the same time.

Dog Paddle
This stroke is done with face over water and paddling with alternate hands.
The nose and mouth stay above the water.
This stroke can be used in reverse, to propel the body feet first.
Back Stroke
The swimmer lies on the back with the face turned skywards.
The arms contribute most of the forward movement.
In this stroke one arm is always under-water while the other arm is recovering.
Side Stroke
In this stroke, the swimmer lies on one's side with asymmetric arm and leg motion.
It is helpful as a lifesaving technique because it is less exhausting and is often used for long-distance swimming.
Thank You
Watch my Video on Butterfly Stroke
Watch my video on dog paddle
Watch my video on backstroke
Watch my video on sidestroke
Happy Swimming.
By Ambika Singh
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