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Tristan Severt

on 28 June 2014

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Transcript of Venturiantale



Venturian or Jordan Frye is the leader of the VenturianTale group. He is currently 23 years old, and is the oldest of the four siblings, and is in most of the videos. His name comes from the base word venture and then "ian" referring to a person it is a synonym to adventurer, but his name before he created VenturianTale, was Jordanfrye750. The 'V' logo was created by his Minecraft skin. He has several personalities in many videos. Here's the list of all of them:
◾Papa Acachalla - the most recurring role, lead role in Papa Acahcalla Roleplay.
◾Spencer - The second most recurring character, Spencer is a Nerd with a lisp, who lives in the dark part of Venturian's mind and often refers to people as "absolute nerds".
◾Princeton Quagmire - Stated to be Jordan's favorite character to roleplay, Princeton Quagmire is the "Fastest Gun in the West, and most probably the East." He's a cowboy with an attitude, and could possibly be related to Papa Acachalla as his father or grandfather, although those are just rumors.
◾Officer Maloney - A police officer who is not very good at his job. He has been known to have the ability to shapeshift into a bird.
◾Zachary Zachary Zachary The Second - another survivor of the zombie apocalypse, he was fighting the infection and had a few body doubles: Hulio Hernandez and Jackson Jackens.
◾Mayor Bottoms - He was the mayor of Little Farm New Mexico.
◾Doctor Chun Chun - An employee in Area 51. He tests experimental vehicles and has worked with Sally.
◾Jose Jose Jose Jose - President of Mexico. He thinks he's too gorgeous for anything, mostly a job and money. He works at a restaurant in a mall. He also has Mexican accent. He was first seen in the Mall Roleplay Map video.
◾Jimmy Casket - A pyschopathic murderer, he often appears or is referenced in videos where murder is present. Jimmy Casket creeps people out by asking them if they want to know his secret, before murdering them. Him and Johnny Ghost are one person.
◾Gregory.Gregory - A middle aged man who lives in Gregory Gregory Estates. He is an alien and has the power to turn into a bird.Gregory Gregory Gregory. Gregory is Officer Maloney's long lost father. His lawyer is Gregory Gregory Gregory. Gregory II.
◾Sally Betty Jessica - The real mother of Sally, She Went to the Olive Garden And complained because they called her a man. She is "all woman" as "she" claims.
◾Charlie Charlie Chase Butt-face - The mother of Bun-Bun. She lives in a house with no furniture or food. She cuts flowers with a knife and once accidently cut her window.

Isaac Frye, known as HomelessGoomba, is a member of the VenturianTale team. He is currently 16 years old. He also plays Billy in their Papa Acachalla roleplay. Isaac is the troll of the group and he trolls everyone. Papa Acachalla has also a daughter named Sally, played by Cierra Frye, also know as ImmortalKyodai. Billy and Sally Acachala were both adopted by Acachalla and Gertrude. His Username originated from when Jordan and Isaac were playing Mario Party 8 and when Jordan kept losing money, he blamed it on Homeless Goombas. That is how he got the name: HomelessGoomba. ◾He is the youngest of the four.
◾His nickname, HomelessGoomba, is based upon the Goombas from Super Mario.
◾He is an expert with Rubik's cubes.
◾He has a YouTube channel named 'HomelessGoomba'.
◾He plays Billy in their Papa Acachalla roleplay.
◾He is very good at prop hunts.
◾He was born on November 22.
◾He has also played a Russian tortoiseshell cat named Kalshiet In the Kitten Daycare episode.
◾In the Minecraft videos, Homeless is famous for blowing everything up with TNT at the end. You can see this in the gallifrey map, and episode 42 of A Minecraft Tale.
◾He played Maxwell Acachalla in the western town role play and was killed by papa Acachalla, But he returned during Flutterbat's court session as a ghost shortly after he haunted the Acachalla family with the help of Jimmy Casket, Maxwell now haunts objects and makes them fly around to try and kill the Acachalla family.
◾He is growing facial hair-a beard, to be exact.
◾He is a well known troll. He messes with peoples things in video games, such as using TNT, killing people, etc. He enjoys being the troll of the group.

She came up with it shortly after she started learning Japanese, it means immortal siblings. It's 50% English and 50% Japanese. She was at first was just Kyodai, then she ate a Pokémon Card and became "Immortal Kyodai." Before she joined VenturianTale, her name before was CierraSkywalker or CierraFrye. ◾She is the second oldest of all four.
◾On a more serious note, if you view Cierra's Facebook profile page, you will find out she is an over zealous christian, and that she is homophobic and liked a Facebook page that said that non believers of God would go to hell.
◾She only likes to herd animals when she plays Minecraft.
◾She has her own character she acts out named Sally.
◾Whenever she goes on GMod she might always act out Sally.
◾Her birthday is on May 27 1994.
◾She has her own youtube channel called," CierraFrye "
◾ She also plays a creepy baby called Bun Bun
◾ Her character Sally's real mother is Sally Betty Jessica.
◾ She is adopted by Papa Acachalla and Gertrude.
◾ Her character Sally loves waffles.
◾ Sally has a pet dinosaur named Freddie
◾ She turned the Acachalla family into velociraptors by making magic food (except Papa Acachalla because he never eats Gertrude's cooking).
◾ She loves treepigs.
◾ She is a great singer.
◾ She likes to eat Play-Doh when she was little she liked blue the most
◾ She once ran her head into a tree.

Bethany frye
Bethany Renae Frye, known more commonly as BethanyFrye, is one of the VenturianTale members. She is a very experienced drawer, as she posts many tutorials and speed-drawing videos on her channel. She also has an account on Deviantart. Bethany has drawn all of pictures of her and her siblings seen in the Gmod video intro, and loves the crowbar. Bethany didn't have a username when she joined VenturianTale, but before, her username was Bethy218. Her YouTube username is xXBethanyFyeXx. In Gmod she plays the main role (in meaning of main characters such as Papa Acachalla , Sally or Billy) of Gertrude. In addition, she also roleplays a side character psychofan of Billy Acachalla, Maddie Friend. In the Space Adventure map, she roleplayed an native of Gingeria, who accompanied Venturian during his space adventures. She takes ginger jokes as an insult. ◾She has youtube channel called xXBethanyFryeXx.
◾She created all pictures of her siblings and herself (they can be seen in every Gmod intro and on youtube channel background.
◾Her favorite game is Kingdom Hearts.
◾She was born on February 18 1996.
◾She is in love with crowbars; her crowbar is made of solid gold and has silk case. She loves them like nachos.
◾She is very committed to God as shown at her channel where the "About" link is.

the current games they play are all on their computers, the games they currently play are Left 4 Dead, Fallout, Garrys mod, Minecraft, and every so often, Just cause 2. They used to play Skyrim, but that ended on their 200th episode 1 year anniversary special.
Here is there Garrys mod trailer
And here is their Skyrim trailer
And here is my personal favorite A Minecraft Tale trailer
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