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Copy of Activity Based Teaching Strategies

No description

Keziah Rodriguez

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Activity Based Teaching Strategies

Activity Based Teaching Strategies
Active learning is a process whereby students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content. Cooperative learning, problem-based learning, and the use of case methods and simulations are some approaches that promote active learning.
What is Active Learning?
What is Activity Based Method?
Is a technique adopted by a teacher to emphasize his or her method of teaching through activity in which the students participate rigorously and bring about efficient learning experiences.
-It is a method in which the child is actively involved in participating mentally and physically.
-Learning by doing is the main focus in this method.

4. It gives reality for learning.
5.Subjects of all kind can be taught through activity.
Why do we need to use activity based learning method?
The information processing theory in psychology views learners as active investigators of their environment.
Students learn not only the content of the lesson but also develop many other skills which are listed below:
1. It enhances creative aspect of experience.
2. Social relation provides opportunity to mix with others.
3.Builds the student’s self-confidence and develops understanding through work in his/hergroup.
Kinds of activities which is used by Activity Based Method :
1. Exploratory- gathering knowledge, concept and skill.
2.Constructive- getting experience through creative works.
3. Expressional- presentations.

Is a process whereby students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content.

Some approaches that promote active learning.
1. Cooperative learning
2. Problem-based learning
3. Case Method
4. Simulations

Benefits and advantages of Activity Based Learning Strategy:
1. Increase the students attention and willingness to respond

2. Work in cooperative Learning

3.Encourage students ti take full responsibility for their learning.

4. Provide real oppertunities for student to self study.
Steps required for Effective
Organization of Activities:
a. Planning.
b. Involving children in the learning process.
c. Each child is made an active learner.
d. For each activity ensure you follow the principles of:
•How? Work directions step by step, including
•With whom? Where? How long?
•What after?
e. Ensure you give clear instructions before each
activity.It must focus on the above a, b, c, d.

Role of a Teacher in an
Activity Based Method

•A planner, an organizer and evaluator.


•Decision maker.

•Knowledge imparter


Role of a Student in an
Activity Based Method

•Active participation

•More interaction in collaboration with others

•Discussion (discourse) and research

•Confident and well prepared

•Involved in the program flow

Examples of Activity Based Strategies:
1. Buzz sessions
2. Think-Pair-Share
3. Pyramid
4. Games
5. Role playing
6. Word sorting and many more...
I hear, and I forget.
I see, and I remember.
I do, and I understand.
-- Confucius
Thank you!!!
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