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How to Tell Renata.

No description

Emily Watkins

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of How to Tell Renata.

: not easing or slackening in severity.
5 new words.
"How to tell Renata" by Linda Holeman is a story about a young girl who is threatened by her mom's boyfriend. Jacinda does not have a strong enough relationship with her mother to tell her what is happening. What I liked about the story is that the author gave great detail for the setting and personalitys therefore giving the readers further understanding. Also I liked how the author put in some definitions of challenging words to help the readers. Things I didn't like was that the author wrote the story in first person therefore I could not know the feelings of the other characters. Also at the end of the story the author left it for the readers to assume so I didn't like how we had to assume Renata kicked Jerry and how she found out about it.
Literary Devices
Linda Holeman
How to Tell Renata.
Example: Our summers are known for our
prairie heat.
: the part of the skull that encloses the brain
Example: She must think if the scary stuff is pushed to some far, webby corner of her
: An absurd creation of the imagination; a foolish or horrible fancy.
Example: The most interesting word i found last night was
: A brand of composite material.
Example: The stick joined our hands on the smooth, brown
of the table top.
: the condition of cohering or holding togeher and retaining form; solidity or firmness.
Example: Supper had the flavour and
of cardboard.
Alliteration: The same sound starts a series of words.
Example: Between my
trawberries and
peckled bannanas.
Personification: giving human attributes to things,ideas or animals.
Example: I listened to the silence of the house.
Onomatopeia: The naming of a thing or action by vocal initiation of the sound associated with it.
Example: Making tiny, damp,mewing sounds on the bare wood floor.
Hyperbole: exageration statments or claims not meant to be taken literally.
Example: Any way i tell her what Jerry has done either way its going to kill her.
Simile: When you say thing is like another by comparing them.
Example: Unfold from across her chest and rise, opening as if caught in an unepected, upward current of air.

4) There are 3 major characters and 2 minor characters in this story.
Major characters are: Jacinda, Renata, Jerry.
Minor characters are: Lindsay and Lindsay’s father.
Jacinda: Jacinda is a female and is Renata’s daughter who is 15 years old and is concerned about her mother’s boyfriend.
Renata: Renata is the mother of Jacinda. Towards the end of the story it is assumed that her and her boyfriend have broken up. She is a hard worker.
Jerry: Jerry is a pedophile who enjoys checking out Renata’s daughter. He was Renata’s boyfriend for a while.
a) Jacinda is a uncomfortable, courageous, strong, unaggressive, quiet, helpful, she runs away to the park to try to ignore jerry.
Renata is a mellow, sad, busy woman, quiet, lonely, no gestures that improve the story.
Jerry is a unfaithful, criminal, disrespectful, mannerless, stupid, secretive, Jerry is touching Jacinda and staring at Jacinda.
b) Jacinda is Courageous because she tries to hold out from telling Renata for as long as she can be in the end she can’t do it anymore.
Jerry is a criminal because he is a pedophile and keeps trying to get it on with Jacinda
Renata is a sad woman because she knows something is up but does not want to believe it.
c) This image depicts the young girl Jacinda being touched by jerry. She has shorter hair and pale white skin. she is also wearing a black shirt and a silver necklace.
a) 1.Person vs self( Jacinda vs Jacinda)
2.Person vs situation( Jacinda vs Situation)
3.Person vs person( Jacinda vs Jerry)

b) 1. This conflict is resolved because she finally figures out how to tell Renata.
2. Jacinda gets out of this situation because when she tells Renata, Renata gets angry and kicks jerry out.
3. Jacinda finally gets away from jerry and will not have to deal with him anymore.

6. The setting is in the prairies and in Jacinda’s house. We know that the story takes place in the prairies “our summers are known for their unrelenting prairie heat” (pg.119). We know they are in a house because they are watching tv “When Reneta was at work and Jerry and i were watching some National geographic show about whales (pg.121). Jacinda is lying in bed “Lying in bed in the thin gray morning light” (pg.122) further proving that Jacinda lives in a house in the prairies.

7. The atmosphere was suspenseful because we did not know what was going to happen between Jerry and Jacinda. We also did not know if or what would happen when Jacinda told Reneta that Jerry was watching and touching her. The atmosphere is also interesting because we know that Reneta is in love with Jerry and Jerry likes Jacinda, Renata has a hunch and although she still loves Jerry she still kicks him out of the house. The atmosphere is also awkward because Jacinda knows that Reneta is in love with Jerry but to her it seems like Jerry likes Jacinda.
Point of View
8. The story is written in first person. The story is written in the first person because we know that Jacinda talks in the first person by using works like I and me “pass the butter, please,” I said to Reneta. As she handed it to me, I asked, as casually as I could, “how much longer will you be on nights?” (pg.123).
Girl Being Harassed
This applies because the whole story revolves around this problem, Jacinda being harassed. It starts off with Jerry simply looking at Jacinda on page 121,"...when it slowly dawned on me that Jerry was looking at me and not the television." and eventually turned into him touching her,"He walked up behind me and put his hand on the back of my neck. I kept cutting, hoping he'd go away, but he just stood there, his hand still and warm, getting heavier with each second..." and he gave my neck a squeeze, just a little one, and slowly moved his hand down my back." This is also found on page 121. Jerry is doing things that Jacinda finds uncomfortable thus being harassment.
Person Trying to Solve Their Problem
Throughout the story, Jacinda is trying to figure out how to tell her mother her problem. Such as on page 120,"...what's scaring me hasn't become an actual fact." At the beginning of the story, Jacinda is already worried. Later on page 121,"No matter how I rehearse what I'll say to Renata, it sounds wrong in my own head." At this point, she recognizes the problem and is trying to figure out a solution. This goes throughout the whole story but due to the lack of a proper conclusion, we, the reader, do not find out how she tells her mother about her problem or if she even tells her mother.
Movie Related to The Most Important Theme
While both themes are both important, the theme of " Person Trying to Solve Their Problem" is more dominant in the story. This theme is very common theme among many stories. For example in the story, "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief" Percy is accused of stealing Zeus' lightning bolt, due to being the son of Poseidon which leads Zeus to think he made his son steal the bolt due to their rivalry, and is tasked with finding returning it while trying to clear his name. Percy's problem is that he is he going on a journey where he doesn't know what he should go or what he should do many at many times. He always trying to find a solution whether it being lost or fighting a monster, always looking for a solution. One example of this is how he is going to fight Medusa. Knowing that he can't stare at her directly or else he'd be petrified. What Percy does to counteract this is use his phone as a mirror so he can see her without directly looking allowing him to fight Medusa without being petrified thus allowing him to solve his problem. While "How to Tell Renata" doesn't specifically mention if there is a solution, it is assumed that Jacinda knows how she's going to tell Renata. While "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief" has many problems and each of them are solved, it's still retains the theme of "Person Trying to Solve Their Problem".
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