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Llandaff Cathedral School

No description

Katherine Agena

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Llandaff Cathedral School

Llandaff Cathedral School ☼ by logan ☼
The school was founded in 1880.It is located in Cardiff, South Wales. The school is divided up into 3 grade levels primary, senior school, and sixth form. The school has established itself as the leading in Wales.
Sports at school for boys include rugby, football, cricket. Sports at school for girls include hockey,netball,rounders. The school also provides the students with a chorus opportunity. They have band and an art and design department. Also they have clubs that include..... jazz club, chess club, and climbing club and many more. The students can be at school from 8:30 to 6:00. The school day ends at 4:00, but the school closes at 6:00. Any time after 4:00 is extra curricular activities. The school hours are different for each grade level. That was the school hours for the junior and senior grades.
Years 7-13 (senior and Sixth form) £4,015 per term
Years 5-6 £3,678 per term
Years 3&4 £3,265 per term
Reception,years 1&2 £2,862 per term
Nursey £2,458 per term
History of School
In 1880 the dean of Llandaff made plans for the school and then the school was established on firm foundations. In 1941 a german bomb severely damaged the Cathedral. The restoration was finished in 1955 and moved to its more extensive site in 1958, after joining the Woodard Cooperation. It has expanded several times to its original size,and in 1958 the school started accepting boys and girls.
Famous Graduates
Roald Dahl
- British author
Charlotte Church
- Welsh singer/songwriter and actor and tv presenter
Will Harries
- international rugby union player
General Facts
School Life
Ty for watching and listening
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