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Relief Sculpture Portraits

Relief sculpture portraits and how to draw a portrait

Michelle Powers

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Relief Sculpture Portraits

Relief Sculpture Portraits
Is this considered a
What do you feel?
Taking a closer look at our coins
What do you see?
A penny has a
relief sculpture
on it.
What is a
relief sculpture
relief scultpure
is a sculpture in which objects and subject figures stick out from a flat surface background.
Established in 1909
Victor Brenner is the artist who designed the Penny
the design of the penny has changed several times throughout U.S. history
The penny made in 1943 was made out of pure copper.
Facts about the penny
What is a
Subtractive Sculpture
Subtractive Sculpture
is when an artist
carves away
from a form.
Like math the original material is being
taken away, subtracted or removed
from the original form.
Subtractive Sculptures
Negative Space
Positive Space-
figure, shape, or object
is the positive space takes up room and is usually the first thing we notice when looking at art.
Negative Space-
the area around,above, and between objects. The

air around the object.
Where can we find
subtractive sculptures
in our daily lives?
Lets look at the process of making a subtractive relief sculpture!
Are there
ways or
in which we can make
out of? What are they? Name some examples.

Why do you think people created
out of stone or metal?
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