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06.05 Module Six Project

No description

Morgan Caulder

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of 06.05 Module Six Project

06.05 Module Six Project
Consider all possible solutions or alternatives.

1. What can we do to address this issue?
-Create new laws from littering and polluting and send out informational newsletters, letting the people know about the damage being done.

2.What can others do?
-Others can help to prevent pollution by not using potentially harmful pesticides and by not littering. They can also help by telling others or picking up waste.

3. Are there multiple perspectives on the best way to address the problem?
-A lot of people think it is an individual responsibility or commitment that if everyone can agree on not littering or picking up at least a few pieces of trash instead of walking by it then it can really make a difference.

Criteria that any potential solution must meet.
Module Six Project: Data Summary
Issue: Water Pollution
Polluted Waterways
Chemicals wash into local waterways such as ponds, rivers and oceans, contaminating the water.

As a result of animals dying from polluted water, the balance of the ecosystem is thrown off, which can cause other species to die or overpopulate.
Local waterways contaminated, such a underground water, can cause problems to drinking and bathing water, effecting humans in large area's of life.
People who litter and the use of pesticides
can really throw off the balance of the ecosystem and cause animals to die and effect the everyday lives of people.

Fish and other animals are killed by consuming or becoming tangled in trash.
1. What are the necessary conditions for any possible solution to work?
-People need to work together to stop littering and there needs to be more alternatives to pesticides

2. Are there budget or labor concerns?
-There might be more budget concerns because of pesticide alternitives and the only labor concerns is for people to walk farther to a trash can than to throw trash out on the ground.

3. Does the public need to be aware of and support the solution?
-The public definatley needs to be aware of what is happening the the enviroment and how they could be the ones killing innocent animals, cutting themselves off from a drinking/bathing supply or throwing off the ecosystem balance.

4. What challenges are there to implementing each solution?
-The only challanges to implementing one of the solutions is finding alternatives that work for pesticide.

5. How else might you judge possible solutions against each other?
-Some people would say that finding alternatives for pesticides would be too hard and too laborious.

6. What do your parents/others in the community say about the issue?
-My parents agree with me that there needs to be a big change because one of the local creeks in my neighborhood is always getting contaminated by pollution and we can not drink from he faucet water.

Calculate the externalities of these solutions at all levels of the economy.

1. What positive or negative externalities does this issue present at each sector of the economy? Refer to your circular-flow diagram.
-There are all negative externalities that the issue presents. These include protests against the government not taking action, and bussiness losing trade because of polluted waters.
2.What are the externalities, both positive and negative, that could result from each possible solution?
-Animals would not be harmed, people would live better and more responsible lives, businesses would not lose trade, the people would be happy with the government.
I think the best solution is to stop littering. It seems like littering plays the biggest role in pollution. I didn't chose the other solutions about driving or pesticides because those don't come up as much, except for the oil spills and contamination of water, but that is not as popular as the stories about animals dying from waste being brought into waters and taking animals' lives. Also, if there were more people trying to make this known, then there would be new respects for the government and people of the nation trying to preserve land and animals and waters. There are not a lot of money costs to this and it's free to pick up trash or just walk to a trashcan and dispose of garbage.
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