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Africa is not a country

No description

chloe topper

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Africa is not a country

These are the first
suggestions that pop up when you do a google search. They are perfect examples of the stereotypes about Africa that surround us every day about the conditions in Africa, and the fact that it is a continent.
This image is from a project done by African students in the USA.
...but in reality, there are thousands of languages spoken there.
This map only shows
a couple of the main
languages spoken in
Africa. There are actually about two
thousand of them,
and some say there
are even more!
So, you can't speak
"African." Africa is much too diverse for that.
Here, almost all of us speak the same language across the whole country, but most people would consider a person from California and one from New York completely different... and Africa is a continent and much larger than the U.S.


People think that Africa only has one religion, but in reality there is a diverse religious beliefs throughout all of Africa.
This map shows the diversity of Africa's religious beliefs, displaying that everyone in Africa does not just follow one religion.
Many people only know Africa as a place inhabited by lions, zebras, and elephants. However, there are a wide variety of animals that roam throughout the land. From the Egyptian jackal to the penguins of South Africa, the wildlife in Africa is extremely diverse.
The stereotype for Africa's geography is that it is all desert. Although there are many vast deserts in Africa, it isn't the only climate.
Some people think that "African"
is a language...
Africa has many different geographical features. Looking at the map, you can see the diversity of Africa's land.Africa has many different geographical features.
Most people think that Africa is entirely made up of starving, penniless people, which is not at all true.
Many people think that everyone in Africa looks the same.
Some African countries are
quite poor, like Zimbabwe,
which has a GDP per capita of
about $600.
But some countries are actually much richer than one might think. South Africa's GDP per capita is over $7,000.
"There is more genetic diversity between different African people than between all the races of the world combined. So the difference between Asian and European is less than between Amhara and Hausa."
Africa actually has about 3000 different ethnic groups and is very diverse. There are people of all skin colors, not just dark skin. Many people are surprised to hear that.
There is such economic diversity in Africa that it could not possibly be one country, like so many people assume.
*it also isn't completely filled with violence and poverty and disease, and there are cities and educated people too!
Any of these people could be African.
It may seem obvious, but Africa is far too large to be a country!
to other
it seems
that anyone
would think
Africa was
a country.
Just to compare, the USA has one language, the same amount of (or less!) racial diversity, probably fewer major religions, and is less than one third of Africa's size... and it seems like a whole continent to us.
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