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Nicaraguan Revolution

No description

Tristan Sundquist

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Nicaraguan Revolution

When and where did this revolution take place?
The Nicaraguan revolution took place all over Nicaragua from 1977-2006.
The American Revolution took place in the Eastern Coast of the U.S from 1763-1776.
Who revolted?
It was all the non-supporters of Anastasio Somoza Debayle, a brutal and corrupt dictator, in 1979.
Compared to the American revolution when it was only the Colonists of America.
Why did they revolt?
The Nicaraguans revolted because they had a brutal and corrupt dictator.
The Americans were not happy with the government because they didn’t respect the people’s natural right. Also, the government gave unfair taxes and didn’t give the people a say in the taxes or government.
How did they organize the revolt?
The Nicaraguan revolution was starting to be planned in 1962. The revolution was Somoza and his private army.
There were many leaders organizing it but the main leader of the American revolution was George Washington. The Wars/ battles were planned by one army or the other.
How did the people overthrow the government?
Many fights and wars broke out across Nicaragua. The government was starting to lose control of different parts of the country.
The British and American armies engaged in warfare and had multiple fights/ wars. The American army was mostly militia.
How did the government react to the revolt?
The government of Nicaragua and national guard stated to take over part of the city.
Great Britain did not like the fact that the colonies wanted to break away so they fought back and attempted to stop the revolution.
How was the government the same or different following the revolution?
The opposition groups came out victorious and it went from a dictatorship to a military ran country.
The U.S. Army came out victorious in the end after the British rose the white flag.

Nicaraguan Revolution
By: Joey Patterson, Keely Mankins, and Tristian Sundquist
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