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Writing in English II

Types of writing students will learn in English II - Jones 2012-2013

Jennifer Jones

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Writing in English II

Writing in English 2 Jones 2012-2013 Expository Persuasive Reflective Analysis Argument Synthesis Poetry / Prose Refers to either "information" or

Could be descriptive or explanatory.

You will be asked to respond to a quote or small passage. A reasonable argument
that persuades the reader to
agree with a position stated in the first sentence. Periodically, you will be asked
to reflect on classroom
activities in order to help you
understand what you've
accomplished that
day. consider a scenario, then
formulate a response to the scenario
using at least three
sources for support.
. The source material used
must be cited in the essay in
order to be considered legitimate.
The essay is scored on the 1-9 scale. Read a short passage and write an essay in which you analyze
and discuss various techniques the author uses in the passage.
The techniques differ from prompt to prompt,
but may ask about strategies, argumentative techniques,
motivations, or other rhetorical elements of the passage,
and how such techniques effectively contribute
to the overall purpose of the passage.
The prompt may mention specific
techniques or purposes, but
some leeway of discussion is left to the
student. The essay is scored on the 1-9 scale. prompt typically gives a position
from a documented source.
Students are asked to consider
the position and form an
argument that defends, challenges,
or qualifies the position using supporting
evidence from their own knowledge or reading.
The essay is scored on the 1-9 scale. You will be given a poem or a
prose selection. You will analyze
the author's techniques and
discuss how those techniques
create meaning. STAAR STAAR English II AP Lang (11) AP Lang (11) AP Lang (11) AP Lit (12) Open Essay Use literature you've previously read to show how a certain theme / tone is expressed in the literature. AP Lit (12) We will practice several forms of writing this year. Some writings are for STAAR, some are for 11th AP, some are for 12th AP, and one is just for you. To keep track of the different types of essays, take c-notes in your ISN so you'll be able to reference them later.
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