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Science Project

What Gum Brand Has the Longest Lasting Flavor???

Ariel Schofield

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Science Project

Materials Hhhhmmmm?!?! Wrigley's Inc. My Experiment Why'd I Choose
This Project?? -1st gum (Juicy Fruit)
-2nd gum (Trident)
-3rd gum (5)
-4th gum (Extra)
-5th gum (Orbit)
-6th gum (Sprint)
-Stopwatch Procedure 1. Buy six different brands of gum.
2. Open all of the packages by ripping off the plastic rapping.
3. Take out one piece of gum from one of the packages and unwrap it by unfolding the wrapper. What Gum Brand
Has the
Longest Lasting Flavor? Orbit, it has long lasting flavor for long lasting fun!!! Hypothesis Extra's Dessert Delights, the same great taste with less calories!! 6. Gum tablets and gumballs are sprayed with a crunchy coating.

7. The gum is packaged according to what type of gum it is, gum tablets or sticks of gum. Some Fun Facts About Chewing Gum Paraffin wax, the same stuff used to make candles was the main ingredient of the original gum. Then, was it like chewing candles? No, sugar was added to these gums to give it an added sweetness. But the problem was that these gums were not chewy enough. The solution was chicle, a natural rubber sap from the Sapodilla tree of Central America. This gave the gum the chewy feel. Later on people added different flavors and ingredients and have given gum a whole new type of gum. The Original Chewing Gum 3. Rollers then squish the giant blob of gum into a smooth slab of gum, and coat the gum with powdered sugar.

4. The gum is scored by cutting all the gum pieces out.

5. The scored gum is moved to a temperature controlled room to cool and ensure the gum will have the right consistency and freshness. By: Ariel Schofield
I like to chew gum, but I don’t like how the gums flavor runs out in five minutes. I wish there was a gum with everlasting flavor but it has not been invented yet. If I can’t have an everlasting piece of gum I’d at least like to know what gum brand has the longest lasting flavor so that I can buy it. That’s why for my project I found out what gum brand has the longest lasting flavor. I believed that the gum brand 5 would have the longest lasting flavor, because 5 gum is the number 1 bought gum brand in the United States. Plus, the name 5 gum means the 5 Principles of gum, quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency and freedom. These 5 Principles are the reasons why Wrigley gum is so popular around the world. How Is Gum Made?? 1. Melt and purify the gum base. Gum base is a non-nutritive, produced by blending four raw materials. Elastomers give elasticity. Resins are binders and softeners. Fillers give the texture, and antioxidants prevent oxidation of the gum base and flavors while on the shelf. 2. The melted base, flavors, and sweeteners are all added and mixed together. So good its been around for 120 years Candy Store 4. Put the piece of gum into your mouth at the same time as you start a stopwatch.
5. Stop the stopwatch when the gum flavor has run out.
6. Record the time and then do this again with a new piece of gum from the same package.
7. Repeat this process for every gum brand you bought. Making It Last A gum’s flavor runs out because when you chew a piece of gum you start to produce more saliva. The more saliva the faster the flavor runs out. Sometimes you can get your gum’s flavor to last longer. You could buy flavors like cinnamon or peppermint instead of fruit or mint, because of the oils the flavor lasts longer. You could also buy a gum with flavor crystals. Flavor crystals are like little pieces of sugar, except that when you bite them a burst of flavor explodes into our mouth giving the gum more flavor. If all gum companies would stretch a piece of gum as far as it possibly can go, then put as many flavor crystals on as possible between the 3rd and 4th steps, the flavor might last for at least an hour instead of only half of an hour. Maybe with a lot more research I could invent an everlasting piece of gum. For Juicy Fruit’s flavor during the 1st test lasted for 19 minutes. During the 2nd test the flavor also lasted for 19 minutes, making the average time for Juicy Fruit 19 minutes. Extra and Trident’s average time was 28 ½ minutes, and the 1st and 2nd test showed that the flavor lasted for 29 and 28 minutes. Orbit’s 1st test lasted for 46 minutes and the 2nd test lasted for 45 minutes. The average was 45 ½ minutes, this gum’s flavor lasted the longest. 5 gum’s flavor lasted the 2nd longest. Its average was 33 minutes. The 1st test lasted for 32 minutes and the 2nd test lasted for 34 minutes. Sprint’s flavor lasted for the shortest amount of time, the average was only 15 ½ minutes. The 1st test lasted for 15 minutes and during the second test the flavor lasted for 16 minutes. Results Data Maybe Next Time If I do this experiment again I would do more tests instead of just two on each gum. I would also have multiple people test the gums and find the average instead of just one person, because the one person could be prejudice to a certain brand. I could also find the gum brand that can stretch the longest to find how many flavor crystals I could fit on one piece of gum. - Chew gum until the sugar is gone to blow a bigger bubble. Sugar does not stretch and can cause the bubble to collapse early.
- Ice cubes help remove gum from clothing.
- In 1994, Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, Calif. set the record for largest bubble blown at 23 inches in diameter.
- Despite rumors, it does not take accidentally swallowed chewing gum seven years to pass through the human digestive system. Gum passes through the body in the same amount of time as other foods. However, a large portion of the physical makeup of gum is indigestible and meant to be chewed and discarded, not swallowed. Any questions or comments???
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