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Copy of Formal vs. Informal Language

This is just a short Prezi I am doing for a mini lesson in the fabulous Mrs. Barlow's English class.

Sarah Hike

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Formal vs. Informal Language

This Prezi was created by none other than
Janecia Gibson :) Formal vs. Informal Language Competency 1C&1D: Author's Word Choice Formal language is the use of grammatically correct sentences and word choices. Formal Language In contrast, informal language is the use of less grammatically correct sentences in favor of shorter sentences. Informal Language Wassup Cuh? Examples of Informal Language I sat erect, patiently awaiting my phenomenal professor as he distributed assignments to my peers. Example of Formal Language Informal students, act out your examples with someone beside your desk. For those of those with formal worksheets , stand up, and with either myself or another adult in the classroom, we will roleplay your example. It is with my greatest honor that I present this class with a worksheet of Informal or Formal Language. Worksheet Time Y'all! The student will analyze word choice and diction, including formal and informal language, to determine the author's purpose. (DOK 3) Formal language is usually used in speeches, reports, essays, and most other nonfiction writings. Informal language is more generally used in everyday language. This may include slang or idioms. Instructions Bianca J. Williamson was pronounced Teacher of the Year by Principal Olsen at the ceremony. I must attempt to aquire new transportation, for my vehicle is slowly deteriorating. The thirst is real. Y'all is showin' out
(Samuel Vaughn III) I will say a word, and I want someone to give me a formal and informal example of the word.
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