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Katie Czyzewski

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Divergent-Setting

Accurate or Inspired
I would conclude that the movie of Divergent is Accurate with some parts that are inspired. such as the fence, boat, and location of everything. Otherwise everything in the SETTING was pretty accurate to the story (picture put into your mind).
Evidence from Divergent : Book
The movie #1
In the movie the setting is in the city of Chicago, Il. This is a good place as it shows the effect of the city with the 'outskirts' surrounding the city of all the Factions.
Movie #2
In the movie, Abnegation (selfless faction) is gray(everywhere), has an up stairs, and is right out side the city. The school is literally within in walking distance. Then on the other side of the homes is a boat sitting on the other side of the fence.
In a city, (un-known)16 year old teens go through test to show whether you are intelligent, selfless, brave, honest, or kind. But, one other choice would inconclussive/Divergent, this is when the test results come up with more then one result (faction). This is the result of one teenage girl, named Beatrice (Tris), who faught against many challenges, she had to face to be safe and losing so much along the way! All leading up to the next book, Insurgent!
Book #1
In the book you don't really ever know where the story takes place the author helps you imagine your own place. In your mind you picture the buildings, city, and school looking like they would in Chicago, but not like Chicago at the same time.
Book #2
In the book the Abnegation houses have an upstairs but, they are further away from the city. And the school is not within walking distances the abnegation actually take a bus (unlike in the movie). In the book the boat is on the inside of the fence.
"The bus stinks of exhaust." This shows how the Abnegation take the bus to school unlike in the movie where the walk. ~Page 3
"Like all other buildings around it, it is made of glass and steel." This shows how the book does't say exactly where they are but it does give you that feeling of a city like Chicago. ~Page 4
"Caleb and I climb the stairs and, at the top, when we divide to go to our separate bedrooms, he stops me with a hand on my shoulder." This shows how the houses have a upstairs which you can't really tell in the movie. ~Page 36
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