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South Africa Cons

No description

Connor Thomas

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of South Africa Cons

Political Stability Demographics Cultural Characteristics South Africa Cons 7% of South Africa’s population is currently working in the agriculture sector
3% of South Africa’s GDP comes from primary agriculture and another 12% comes from the agro-industrial sector
Economic Development Conclusion By: Connor Thomas
Jarod Thompson's 31.3% of the total population is under the poverty line
Currently 29.8% of the country’s population is unemployed
GDP per capita is 11,300 dollars: Which is 109th in the World
There are roughly 310,000 deaths in South Africa a year due to HIV and AIDS Population Pyramids of US and South Africa women in South Africa aren’t allowed as many rights as women in many MDC’s
Men still have most of the authority and women are "inferior" to men in their society
a lot of tension between blacks and whites in the country South Africa is battling government corruption and is losing a lot of money in the process
Zuma was involved in a long ongoing rape case with a woman with AIDS, in which he admitted to the crime but somehow was ruled innocent and is still governing South Africa today Agricultural Production
South Africa is 154 billion dollars in external debt
60% of the healthcare expenditure goes to the 14% of the population that has private health insurance South Africa should not be an MDC because:
- High poverty, HIV/AIDS, and infant mortality
- Dated women's rights
- Prevalent government corruption
- Heavy dependence on undeveloped agriculture & industry
- High external debt
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