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Son by Lois Lowry

No description

Susan Rappold

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Son by Lois Lowry

A presentation by Susan Rappold Son by Lois Lowry The Main Characters The Point-of-View The Storyline The Author's Purpose The Theme My Personal Opinion Thank you for watching! The main characters are Claire, Gabriel, Einar, Alys, Jonas and Trademaster. In all three parts, it's third person point-of-view with omniscience. In some parts, it is following Claire, in other parts, Alys, in other parts, Gabriel, and in other parts, Jonas. Claire is a "Vessel", a woman who is inseminated so that she may carry a "Product". During labor, something goes wrong and she needs to have a Caesarian section to get the child out. While being told she will be sent to work in Fish Hatchery, she asks if the child is okay. The woman slips up. She says, "Yes, he's fine.", then quickly corrects herself and says that it is fine. Claire feels something inside her, and when the baby is taken from the Community, she proves she is willing to do anything to get it back. I think the theme is man vs. society and man vs. man, man vs. society because Claire goes against her community so she can be a mother to her son, and near the end, with Gabriel against the Tradesmaster, it becomes man vs. man. I believe that the author's purpose of this story was to finish up the series. It wasn't truly a big "series" per se, but Lois Lowry has written four books now, called "the Giver", "Gathering Blue", "Messenger", and finally, "Son". Son pulls together a little bit from both Messenger and the Giver, and Son is also, as Lois Lowry says, the official ending. My personal opinion is that this is a really good book. Anyone who enjoys a little romance, action and a surprising ending would find this book interesting. All in all, I'd give this book a seven or eight out of ten. The ending was my favorite part.
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