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Frankenstein and the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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Anthony Lee

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein and the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Frankenstein & The Rime
of the Ancient Mariner
The connection By: Abdulhakim Mohamed
Brandon Young
Mindy Quang
Anthony Lee Comparing and Contrasting Common Themes Respect for Nature/Living Things Accountability Accountability (cont.) Contrasting 2 Comparison #2 Comparison #3 Comparison #1 Summary of the Rime The protagonists watch all their fellows die around them as a consequence of their actions. Both Frankenstein and the Rime of the Ancient Mariner are told through
flashback sequences. The Mariner had
to face the
of killing the
albatross. Both "The Rime of the Ancient
Mariner" and "Frankenstein"
illustrate the impact people's
decisions have, and ultimately,
only they can be held accountable
for what they've deliberately done. By:Brandon Young By:Anthony Lee
Abdulhakim mohamed Tales of betrayal - In the novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein makes and gives life to the monster, whereas in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the mariner takes away life from the albatross. Both Dr. Frankenstein and the Mariner held no bad intentions when they made their fateful actions, but they lacked the knowledge of what was to come in the future. As a result of this, they had to face the consequences of their actions. Summary of Frankenstein The doctor's tale The letters Coleridge emphasizes the power that the albatross has over the ship. Shelley similarly illustrates the power of Frankenstein's creation. Both suggest that people should respect all physical creatures because of the power of "the natural world." The mysterious stranger is named Dr. Frankenstein, a Swiss man. He tells them of his upbringing in Switzerland,his education in Germany, as well as how he came to be so far to the poles. During his stay at the Univervist of Ingolstad, he became interested in reanimating dead corpses.This hobby soon turned into an obsession,eventually he suceeded and his creation lived,however he was so horrified at its appearance that he abandoned it. In Frankenstein, a man captaining a ship headed for the Antarctic is stopped by ice, trapping him in the far south. Stranded,he and his crew await the coming of spring to escape the ice. As they wait, they discover a mysterious stranger and listen to his tale of intrigue and mystique. Coleridge emphasizes the
power that the albatross
has over the ship. Shelley
similarly illustrates the
power of Frankenstein's
creation. Both writers
suggest that people should
respect all physical
creatures because of the
power of "the natural
world." By:Mindy Quang Contrasting 3 In Frankenstein, no one really knew who killed and framed William, Elizabeth, Clerval, etc.
Whereas everyone knew who really killed albatross. Likewise, Victor had to face
the consequences of making his
creation and abandoning it
promptly afterward. Similarites between plots Both are written in an old english style
Both Victor's creation and the mariner killed their chances at redmption. (William and the Albatross respectively)
They are both told with variations in the point of view.
It relates to an overall lesson of pride before fall.
They experience death many times Summary of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a tale of a mariner (sailor) who stops one of three wedding guests and spins a tale of his youth. Like how the man stopped to tell the captain his story in Frankenstein. Him and his crew were sailing when they got caught in a wasteland of ice. But an albatross (a sailors sign of good luck) came along and seemingly split the ice, leading them through a for filled sea. However the mariner shot the albatross, and the fog disappeared which seemed good at first but soon they realized that they were stuck without a wind or bleeze blowing at all. This was like Victor who at first experienced success with his creation but discovered that it was revolting and hideous. Days went by as an unrelenting sun beat down on the crew as they became dehydrated and delirious. In a fit of vengance they afixed the albatross around hisn neck like a cross to pay for his crime. Later as the men were beginning to become desiccated the mariner saw a speck in the sky descending which caused elation but soon they realized that it was a ghost ship with only two members. Death-in-Life was one passenger while the other was death. The two then played a dice game in which Death proceeds to win the lives of all the crew mebers on board but Miss Life-in-Death says she won the most important prize of all. The mariner After death claimed the cremen, they died one by one around him, their souls whizzed past him like his crossbow. For das he spent his solitude in remorse, but was distracted from his woe by wter snakes who he gave them a blessing in hopes of himself and his crew recieving one from their patron saint. As he prayed the albatross fell from his neck as if to symbolize his newfound freedom. Then as if by a miracle, the dead men on board rose and sailed the ship even though no wind blew. Finally he reached land and discovered he was cursed to walk the land forever telling his story. The wedding guest walked away truly saddened but also enlightened. The Mariner is plagued bylagued by what he has learned from his experience and is then forced to tell it to other people, and Victor's thirst for knowledge pushes him to bestow life upon the lifeless, going against all laws of nature. Comparison 4 Comparsion 4 Tragedy and the chase His creation escaped,the doctor returned to his hometown to find his younger brother dead.Soon mroe tragedy fell and eventually his best friend,his father and his own wife were murdered in cold blood.Realizing that it was his creation who commited the heinous acts,he soon gave chase to it,hoping o exact his revenge,thus the chase took him to the north. Sources Both Victor and the mariner are lost and struggling, Victor because he has just realized that he has done something which he cannot take back; the mariner is literally lost, alone in his ship somewhere at sea. But the mariner is also lost because he is living in the past, constantly dwelling on the deeds he committed and their consequences. Comparsion 4 End game In the end,the doctor dies and the creature laments for his failure to have treated him more kindly,he then proceeds to commit suicide himself.
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