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Role of the School Counselor

Role of School Counselor in TN

Laura Filtness

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of Role of the School Counselor

Mission and Vision
Isn't it Guidance?
TN Model for Comprehensive
School Counseling
Management and Delivery of Program
Delivery of Services
*students can self refer by filing out an appointment request form and putting it in my mailbox or simply asking their teacher
*teachers can refer by completing a "school counseling referral form"
*parents can refer with a phone call or e-mail
Role of the School Counselor
*Guidance is a service. School counselors provide a program.

*ASCA National Model printed in 2003.

*Can't provide regular therapy.

*Help students with concerns as it affects them at school.

Professional school counselors are
certified/licensed educators with the
minimum of a master’s degree in school
counseling and are uniquely qualified
to address the developmental needs of
all students through a comprehensive
school counseling program addressing
the academic, career and personal/social
development of all students.
It's the mission of the School Counseling Program to provide a safe and caring environment that meets the needs of all children by playing an active role in the school climate so that each child has the opportunity to do their personal best emotionally, socially, and academically so they are able to acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become responsible citizens, productive workers, and life time learners.

We believe: All students can learn, that the school counseling program is an essential part of the overall educational process. All students have dignity and worth. All students have the right to be served by the school counseling program that provides educational and social support. The school counselor will advocate for all students, and will uphold the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of every person involved, following professional school counseling ethics and standards as advocated by the American School Counseling Association.
*80% of time is direct and indirect student services
*Advisory council- made up of students, parents, teachers, and administrators help review and make recommendations about the school counseling program
*Data, Data, Data!
Direct Student Services
Meeting school counseling standards through:
*Classroom counseling lessons "classroom council"
*Small group counseling
*Individual student planning
-using data to help students develop long term plans
*Responsive Services
-Counseling - goal focused and short term in nature. Do not provide long term counseling to address psychological disorders.
- Crisis response
Indirect Student Services
- parents, educators, and community.
-share strategies that support student achievement with parents and teachers.
Other Services/Programming
*Student Advocacy/Social Work Collaboration-
-Backpack food, school supplies, clothing needs, holiday support
*Character Education Program-monthly awards, library books, teacher support for incorporating program into the classroom
*Anti-Bullying Initiative
*HABIT Program

Nuts/Bolts and Tid Bits
Get more info. at www.schoolcounselor.org!
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