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Amelie- Film Analysis

No description

Gaby Grant

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Amelie- Film Analysis

Amelie- Film Analysis
The 2001 Romantic Comedy film, ‘Amelie’ tells the story of a quirky introverted girl who is taken on a journey in which she discovers love through helping others. The director of the film, Jean- Pierre Jeunet uses a variety of techniques to explore some of the major themes. Some of these themes include Outsiders which is enhanced through characterisation, Innocence which is explored through the setting and location of Paris and finally Childhood which is utilised through certain events in the plot and characterisation.
The director of Amelie uses the technique of characterisation to explore the theme of outsiders throughout the film. The main use of characterisation in the film is through the main character Amelie.Due to a lonely childhood and little affection from her parents, Amelie is a complete outsider. It is evident that Amelie suffers internal conflict in parts of the film as she craves both affection and solitude. The director shows this through Amelie’s relationship with Nino. When Amelie finds the book that belongs to Nino she is given an opportunity to give the book back and talk to Nino. Instead she organises to meet Nino on a number of occasions. Although she turns up every time she never actually goes up to Nino, instead she just watches him. This reveals to the audience that although Amelie would like to talk to Nino she is fearful to step out of her comfort zone as being alone and an outsider is something she has always known. Another example of how characters in the film are used to explore the theme of outsiders is the relationship between Amelie and Mr Dufayel. These two characters seem to bond easily as they are both experiencing the same feeling of being an outsider. Mr Dufayel encourages Amelie to reveal her true feelings to Nino and Amelie encourages Mr Dufayel to go outside. Mr Dufayel complains that his bones are too brittle and Amelie tells herself that she has always been alone and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Together Mr Dufayel and Amelie are insiders when they are together but are outsiders in the world around them.
Made by Gaby Grant
Care Group 11F
Date: June 2014
The theme of innocence is enhanced during the film using a number of different techniques. Amelie is set in 1997 at the time of Princess Diana’s death and the story unfolds in the city of Paris. The location of the film provides the perfect setting for a light and elegant romance. However the film is digitally enhances to create an idealised version of the world. Paris is portrayed as a clean and modern city with beautiful cafe’s and canals. The harsh realities of poverty and racism are simply vanished from every scene. The director uses the setting of Paris to explore the theme of innocence by creating an innocent environment for the story to take place. The overall innocent feel to the film allows the audience to see the world through the eyes of innocence and to find joy and laughter in all things.
Another major theme explored in the film of Amelie is Childhood. There is a variety of techniques used to enhance this theme. The film suggests that although we grow old the childish characteristics and traits we have when we are young will always stay with us. The director attempts to portay this theme through a number of different events and characters. In the film, Amelie creates a child like game between herself and Nino. Instead of just giving back the scrapbook to Nino she leaves clues for him to figure out. As both Amelie and Nino didn’t have friends in their childhood this was a representation of the two playing a game like children would. Jeunet also highlights how a person’s childhood will have a huge impact on how they turn out as an adult. For example, Amelie’s childhood is very lonely and she is given little affection. This explains why she grows up to be so introverted and fearful of love.
Throughout the film a number of themes are explored and enhanced with the use of certain techniques. The theme of Outsiders is explored through characterisation, in particular the characters of Amelie, Mr Dufayel and Nino. Innocence is a theme explored through the setting and location. Instead of portraying Paris in a realistic way it is instead romanticised and shown as innocent allowing the audience to see the story develop through the eyes of innocence. Finally Childhood is explored through certain events in the plot and characterisation through Amelie and other unobvious characters.
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