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Mayan kings and courts

information of mayan kings and rulers

abc ict40

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Mayan kings and courts

Mayan kings and courts
Who rule the Mayans?
There was only one "king" that rule all the Mayans. They where the ones with the most power and they could do anything he wanted even though people didn't want.
How did they demonstrator their power?
How did they rule the city
Each city of the Mayans empire was ruled by a different noble family.
Mayans had 2 rulers
Many Maya kings created some monument to prove their power; some still stand, and some lie in ruin.

How were the Mayans Laws
Mayans have some simple laws for the Kings and Queens
if someone disrespect the ruler will be sacrificed.
When they wake up you don’t need to forget about the ruler because if you forget him you wouldn't do anything good during the day. (bad luck).
Nobody have to forget his ceremony or his food giving.
By: Jose Enrique & Nicole
Say thanks to everything good that happened to you.
Nobody could have envy to the king .
Never lie.
Never steal.
Never desire something to happen because it would never happen.
how kings and queens
look like..
Mayans kings and queens had some tattoos in their faces. They didn't have crown, they use something with a lot of feather in their heads
thanks for
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