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Welcome to San Antonio

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A Person

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to San Antonio

Welcome to
San Antonio

San Antonio is located near the center of Texas in the southern part of the US. It is south-west of Austin and west of Houston. Its exact coordinates are 29.4167° N, 98.5000° W.
San Antonio was originally settled as a Spanish mission to convert the local population to Catholics. It soon developed as more and more people came from Spain to the new world. As a result, much of the current culture is similar to Spanish and Mexican culture. The average temperature is between 55.7°F and 79.8°F and the average annual rainfall is around 32.9 inches. The area is mostly flat with rolling hills. Famous and popular landmarks around the area include the Alamo, Six Flags, and Sea-World.
Human-Environment Interaction
San Antonio's earliest known inhabitants were indians, most of which only took what they need from the land. When Spanish settlers arrived, they started adding more permanent features. Over many years, things like buildings and river systems were created. More recently, larger buildings and markets have been added. San Antonio went from plains to skyscrapers and markets.
Movement of Ideas and People
The first known inhabitant of San Antonio were indians. Eventually, the Spanish arrived, seeking to convert the locals of the land to catholic and to make this land there own. They set up a mission, and around it, a spanish town soon grew. Most of the people that lived in old San Antonio were Catholics. Eventually, Mexico split form Spain, and San Antonio was now a Mexican city. Many settlers from other places had started to travel to Mexico. Many of these new settlers were from the US. Along with them came new ideas and new cultures. Eventually, civil war broke out and Texas became its own country. Texas would soon join the US and San Antonio would become a place of mixed cultures. Having spanish and mexican roots while still being part of the US has given San Antonio the Tex-Mex culture it has today.
By: Ross Petersen, Ali Shah, and Jesus Hernandez
Region -Formal, functional,
and perceptual

San Antonio is in the middle of Texas, a southern country of the US. The region of San Antonio is mainly a warm climate, like most of Texas. The landscape is mainly flat with rolling hills. San Antonio is home to over 1,300,000 people. Most of San Antonio is an area of business, so there are many human structures.
Benefits to living in San Antonio
Some benefits of living in or visiting San Antonio are the high living states and the area has good homes. Also, there are many good jobs, good schools, nice people, and it is overall a great place to live. It also has a great connection with history, for example, The Alamo. There are also fun places to visit like the river walks, Sea World, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It is also a meeting point of several cultures, creating a intresting and fun town, especially if you enjoy Spanish and Mexican culture.
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