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Human Stem Cell

No description

Mackenzie Ju

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Human Stem Cell

Human Stem Cell
By Mackenzie J & Anna R.


Stem Cell Life Span
Fun Facts
Our cell lives as long as the human
life it lives in, plus an additional 17
Stem Cell Pictures
-Stem cells are special because
the cell can become any other
cell in the body.

Our cell is unable to become an unique structure, because it does not have tissue to support the structure. Our cell is unable to have a larger or greater number of cells because our cell can become any cell in the body, so it does not have certain specialized organelles.

The questions we could not answer because of these things...
What organelles is/are larger or in greater number compared to the other types of cells?
Which organelles is/are completely missing compared to other cell types?
What odd/ unique structure does this cell have compared to other cell types?
-Our cell can divide and renew it's selves for long periods of time
-The stem cell can yield millions of cells
There are 4 classes of a stem cell-
unipotent- able to become only one
type of cell in the body
pluripotent- able to become any cell in the body
except for placenta or embryo
multipotent- control lots of
Stem cells can become any
cell in the human body
Stem cells are unspecilized
(which means they don't have a specific job)

Images: Nissim Benvenisty
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