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EIESL - Final Presentation

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Jocelyn Ma

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of EIESL - Final Presentation

The beginning Next steps... Our journey EIESL STUDENT COORDINATOR ROLES:
- create/lead EIESL student team
- work with Go Global and ISL
- build and sustain ethical community of practice
- provide reflective space and support to cultivate inter-disciplinary communities of dialogue about EIESL
- engage in dialogue, advocacy, public speaking, professional mentoring
- learn about ethical debates concerning international development, and translate it into the practice of active engagement on campus.
- time commitment: approximately 5 hours per week, November, 2011—April, 2012 Ripple Effect Existing in a Tension VISION: foster ethical approaches to international engagement and service learning MISSION: develop collective capacity through teaching, learning and research that will inspire and enable socially responsible and ethical approaches - Internal dialogue about what and how
- External conversations, word of mouth
- Key entry points at UBC, understand how cultures change and shift
- “Ethicizing” in classes, listen and ask
- Journal Clubs
- StoryMaking Event
- Our process and journey of creating a framework to make EIESL known at UBC... What we've done, paths taken: - Tension between opposites in understanding and implementing EIESL
- On one hand, a way of thinking and doing life- a lifestyle
- On the other, it is supported and sustained by events
- A personal experience and a collective culture
- Abstract yet concrete
- Both reflection and action

Negotiating that tension and finding our place within it yields fewer concrete results than expected..... - Changing the culture at UBC is the wrong mission to have
- Accept things that we cannot change
- Have courage to run with what's already there and evolutionize, not revolutionize
- Have the wisdom to know the difference... and PROCEED

- Create a plan for EIESL to move forward
- Clearly articulate current barriers between UBC and EIESL QUESTIONS:
- How do we move from an event; journal club, storymaking, dialogue sessions on a small scale to the kind of culture shift that we hope to see?
- What is the container that can sustain this kind of event and help to create a lifestyle?
- What does it look like to cultivate a community of practice at a structural level- administration and institution? WHAT WE'VE LEARNED:
- Everyone on the same page? Defining ethics
- Putting thoughts into words
- Seeing the bigger picture
- Focus and discipline underscores dreams
- Unrealistic expectations and the time frame
- Need for dialogue space PRIMARY GOAL: identify ways to make EIESL known Final thoughts
- Key entry points: ie. Go Global, Jumpstart, and the Student Leadership Conference
- Faculty members and faculty (ie. Dr. Dharamsi, MIDW 360)
- Student team with a broad range of skills and specific portfolios (ie. adminitration, creative director, communications, media, dreamer)
- More structure, guidelines, network for support
- Set realistic goals for allotted time frame
- We have tried many ways to make EIESL known
- Didn't make new logo but not priority

- EIESL is in everyone and will stay because it is important
- More people are starting to recognize it
- Let's capitalize on what's available (ie. Toolkit), get it out to UBC and the community "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." - Antoine de Saint Exupery
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