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Adventure Time

No description

Zaryn Prussia

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Adventure Time

Adventure Time
Facts About Finn and Jake continued
Adventure time is a cartoon about a Human boy named Finn and a dog named Jake that go on adventures. The show was created by Pendleton Ward
Finn and Jake live in the land of Ooo
Facts about Finn and Jake
At the begging Finn was 12 but now he is 15
Jake is 30 years old in magical dog years
Method of fighting:
Finn fights evil with his fists or his s****
Jake fights evil with his shape-shifting ability
Favorite food:
None. Flame Princess last
Lady Rainicorn
Stormo (DNA), Neptr (Creator
Jake Jr.
Kim Kil Whan
Ice King Facts
The most frequent enemy in adventure
Age: 1044
Hobbies: Stealing Princesses, playing the drums
Powers: Fly, create ice and snow monsters, freeze things
Marceline Facts
Age: 1003
Queen of the vampires
Marceline lives in a house in a cave
Powers: Levitation, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Necromancy, Rapid Healing
Pets: Many penguins
the main penguin is Gunter
Ice King Facts continued
Ice king used to be a human named Simon Petrikov before a mysterious crown he found and wore made him lose his sanity and slowly turned him into the ice king
The Tree Fort
Notable Inhabitants: Finn, Jake, BMO, Neptr,
Species: Willow
Around 1000 years old
Rooms: Treasure Room/ Entrance, Tree Trunk, Living Room, Bedroom, Cave, Attic, Den, Kitchen
Friends With Finn and Jake
Children: Neptr (creator)
Marcelines father, Hunson Abadeer is the lord of evil and ruler of the Nightosphere
Marceline Facts Continued
Marceline only eats shades of the color red
Marceline is a good singer
Good at playing some string instruments: Ax Bass, Butterfly Bass, Banjolele, Cool New Bass, Lunatic Bass, Brown Acoustic Guitar
Ice Bull
In the Adventure Time cartoon world there is 14 confirmed kingdoms so far
Here are some of the kingdoms that I think are worth mentioning that are in the adventure time cartoon world
Candy Kingdom
Ruler: Princess Bubblegum
Inhabited by Candy People
Ice Kindom
Ruler: Ice King
Notable Inhabitants: Gunter, Snow Golems, Iceclops
Fire Kingdom
Ruler: Flame Princess
Notable Inhabitants: Fire Wolves,Flame King, Flambo
Cloud Kingdom
Ruler: Party God
Inhabitants: Cloud People
Lemongrab (Lemon Earldom)
Ruler: The Earl Of Lemongrab (Lemongrab3)
Notable Inhabitants: The Lemon Children, Lemon Camel
Demon Cat
The Demon Cat knows the "approximate knowledge of many things".
His tongue looks like a kitten and is used to fool its prey.
The Demon Cat is afraid of dogs
Lives in a mystery dungeon that Finn went into in the episode "Dungeon".
Half Monster Demon
You can ride inside him and not be digested Finn and Jake did in the episode "Return to the Nightosphere"
The Half Monster Demon Speaks Telepathically
The Half Monster Demon can levitate if it needs to get to a place fast
Creatures Part 2
They are like Werewolves but have an inquisitive nature
Why-wolves mainly prey on house people
A gas called Obnoxygen is deadly to Why-wolves
Goo monsters
Appeared during the post Mushroom War
Goo monsters are like Zombies, they are slow moving, they rely on hearing and they cannot speak
A Goo monsters goo is corrosive

Princess Bubblegum Facts
Age: 828
Ruler of the Candy Kingdom
PB is a scientist
Lady Rainicorn is PB's Royal Steed
Children: Goliad, Earl of Lemongrab, Lemongrab 2
Mushroom War
Was an apocalyptic war which destroyed a majority of the human civilization of earth
The war ended about 1000 years before the events of Adventure Time
The war probably started somewhere in the 1980's, technology from that time can be seen in Adventure Time and in the episode "Simon and Marcy" Simon Petrikov sings the theme song from the show "Cheers" to Marceline
The war was probably called the Mushroom War because of all the nuclear bombs that were used
Mushroom War Part .2
Known humans that survived the Mushroom War: Marceline, Simon Petrikov, Moe, And the family that one day lead to Finn

All the humanoids and weird creatures in adventure time were probably once regular earth life but were exposed to the radiation from all the nuclear bombs and after a little bit of time became the life we see in Ooo today
The Lich
The major antagonist in Adventure Time
Was defeated and trapped in amber by Billy who many citizens of Ooo think is the greatest hero ever
Was a product of the Mushroom Bomb, probably the last and the biggest nuclear bomb dropped in the Mushroom War
Powers: Can summon and throw green flames from his hands, Pyrokinesis, Can control peoples minds

Fun Facts
Adventure Time has 4 seasons with 26 episodes and the fifth season has 52 episodes and right now Adventure time is currently in it sixth season
The voice of Finn is Jeremy Shada
The voice of Marceline is Olivia Olson
The voice of Jake is John DiMaggio
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