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Best of the North West

No description

Maddie Powell

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Best of the North West

Best of the North West
Guided by Maddie Powell and Mckenzie Logan

Old State Pen
Welcome to the old state pen. Built in 1872, You will be given
a free tour of the grounds. Do you enjoy feeling the hair on the back of your neck stand, if so, this is the place for you.
Lunch Suggestions
Bosnia Express
Take a step out of Boise
Step 1: Boise, Idaho
Your tour will begin in beautiful Boise, Idaho. The day will begin with breakfast and then tour the Idaho Old State Penitentiary.
Botanical Gardens
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of fountains, flowers,
and greenery. Right below the old state pen,
appreciate the old structure.
BitterCreek Ale House
Kyoto Japanese Steak House
Before we leave Boise you will be having dinner at Barbacoa! Delicious Italian 5 Star restaurant
lets go on a little road trip to one
of the greatest cities in the North West,
Stay the night at the Grove Hotel
Beautiful hotel in the heart of Downtown Boise.
The Capri! Delicious food for a very reasonable price
What to do...
Helium Comedy Club! 1510 SE 9th Ave.
Northwest Travelers tour
Bring your bikes and rafts they will be required for this tour
Step 2: Baker City!
Lets go to Rock Creek Butte Hiking trails!
Hike back to the bus, to Hells Canyon.

Rafting trip through the beautiful canyon.
Crooked Tree Tavern for lunch comfortable Rustic Dining
Take a walk in Marquam Rustic Park
After a day in the park lets head to Dinner
The Roxy Diner!
Dinner and Laughs
Lunch Time!
Corner Brick Bar and Grill
Baker City Mini Loop bike trail
The Geiser Grill
Stop at the Geiser Grand for lunch before you go to the Alder House Museum
The Alder House Museum
The completely renovated and restored 1889 Italianate home was the residence of Baker City philanthropist, Leo Adler, for 94 years.
Sumpter Valley Railroad
A popular tourist attraction in Baker City
Trip along the Green Belt
A beautiful bike ride through Boise. One of the most well known trails in the US.
Geiser Grand Hotel
79$ for a night. A beautiful, historical way to end a night in
Baker City
Excellent dining at The Inland Cafe before we get back on the road to Portland
Columbia River Gorge
Just miles away from Portland, you can explore dozens of majestic waterfalls. The Columbia River Gorge is a canyon of the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Enjoy the beautiful scenery.
The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.
Crooked Tree Tavern
From locally sourced products like Mountain Shadow Farms Natural Meats to locally brewed beverages like Logsdon Farm Organic Ales, embracing the bounty this valley has to offer is important to us and is part of what continues to fuel our passion. Come in, cozy up to the bar, and welcome to The Crooked Tree.
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