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Jazz Music History

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chan camman

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Jazz Music History

Guiding Question 1700 - New Orleans: Melting pot of sound 1800 - American civil war Jim Crow Refer to the Guiding Questions History of Jazz - Birthplace of Jazz: New Orleans (America)
- Grew out from the African-American community
- Time: 20th century
- Music has since become a part of life in America
- Symbol of American individualism, ingenuity, democracy and inclusiveness
Why do you think jazz was born in America? Could it have been invented in a different country? At a different time in history? Jazz Music -1890s
-Louisiana state law (required black and white railroad passengers to travel in separate cars)

-Example: New Orleans Creole was arrested for refusing to leave a “white” first-class car for which he’d bought a ticket. - The system of discrimination had grown from a set of laws called the "Jim Crow"
- “Separate but equal facilities”
- Segregated between black and white. Presented
by Camman chan
from F4MU2 2.What are the qualities or characteristics of jazz that make it a unique form of self-expression? 2. introduction to Jazz 1450 - Slave Trade - Between 1450 and late 1800’s
- Around 10-15 MILLION Africans were kidnapped and sold into slavery
- There’s lack of worker in Europe, in order to expand European empires in America
- European colonists tried to use native American to work for them
- Colonists tried to get people from Europe to work in America
- Discovered that Africans were excellent workers-Slavery was illegal in the United State 1. - Emphasis on dance and percussion
- Rhythms and styles that had originated in Africa were reborn in Congo Square
- Slaves were permitted to dance and sing on Sundays
- American music was influences by African percussion
- Call-and-response was created at that time
- Song is usually telling a story about a leader and the workers
- Soulful spiritual message in the lyrics to expresses their religious beliefs, feelings and desire for freedom.
- Spirituals and work songs are the basic of the American music - jazz. - Affected the New Orleans music
- Creoles were classified with other African- Americans as a second- class citizen.
- Creole musicians who had played music for wealthy whites were replaces by white musician, and they were forced to work with the black. Ragtime -Ragtime-From the African-American tradition of “ragging”
-Syncopating and rearranging every kind of music to make it lively
-Older people didn’t like ragtime; they called it “syncopation gone mad ... it’s an infectious disease.”
-Young people loved it and it is the most popular music for a quarter of a century 1920s- Crossing the color line -“Great Migration”
-Around one and a half million African- Americans escape from the Jim Crow
-Hundreds of black were leaving south to Chicago per day. Why do you think jazz was born in America? Could it have been invented in a different country? At a different time in history? 1. Jazz was born in America, because there's a lot of black slaves living in New Orleans. They can't express their feeling open in public, in order to express their beliefs, feelings and desire to freedom of life, they express their feeling in the song, dance and lyrics. Jazz was developed gradully in this situation.

It could have been invented in a different country ar a diffent time in history. As there is a similar situation in a different place, people will have a simular feeling. Jazz could have been invented but probably in a different style with different characteristics. What are the qualities or characteristics of jazz that make it a unique form of self-expression? From the research that I've done before there's four things that made jazz it unique of self- expression. 2. 1. History of the Jazz
2. Call-and-response
3. Improvising
4. Syncopation 1. History - work for European as a slave
- African- American have developed Jazz on dance and percussion
- "Slave song"
- express in lyrics 2. Call-and-response - created at 1700
- played by different musician
- first one play the melody
- second one play similar melody as an responses 3. Improvising 4. Syncopation - hand clapping and foot stomping
- transmit the message
- express feeling - fresh, new feeling
- everyone improvising is adding his or her own individual melody
- repetitive
- built up from a basic pattern
- focusing on one major theme
- relies upon the on-going beat Thanks for watching Louis Armstrong - Armstrong was born in a poor New Orleans
- take cornet lesson
- talent was soon found
- his mid-teens he was playing along with adults and earning frame between musicians
- joint King Oliver
- already a legend
- accepted an invitation from Fletcher Henderson, the leader of the best-well known black dance band in the country
- After the release of the world’s first jazz recording
- jazz remained syncopated but stiff and exciting, with short, staccato solos
- a “two-beat rhythmic feel.”
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