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social studies

how can maps show poverty

marianne nusseibeh

on 16 December 2011

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Transcript of social studies

how can maps be used to understand poverty? Our Question Is: There are many types of maps that can show a country's poverty.
Maps that show a country's natural resources.
Maps that show a country's electronic usage.
Maps that show a country's national resources.
the next is a map that can show the natural resources in Madrid. As you should have realised. Madrid has lots of natural resources that can be used in Farming. it has a good amount of crops, vegetables, fruits and cereals. This allows us to see that this country is not poor it gets a lot of money through natural resources. the next map will show you the national resources
in the island Grimsey. As you may have realised the map includes so many intresting tourism places you can visit like musiums, parks and Hiking trails. The next map is about the population percentage of the amount of people living on less than 2 $/day. By: Sara shaboot,
Marianne Goussous,
Zeinab Nussiebeh,
Serina Nasser, and
Dana Abu-Ghdaib
8(A) The map helped us see where there is less poverty in the world. you can see that the lightest colour is where poverty is less. As for the countries with dark colours, they're poorer because they have more people living on less than 2$ in a day. THE END
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