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South Africa

No description

Film Sternchen

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of South Africa

Mixed and coloureds
different to blacks and whites
don't want to be seen as black
the thought of blacks to be inferior still exists
they adopt to the white
two thirds of coloureds voted for the Nationalists, the party that once oppressed them
Employment and income
unemployment black: 28 %
unemployment white: 7 %
only a small part of the population lives in the middle class
children born in a black household receive an inferior education
in 2011 whites earned four times the monthly income of blacks
Mixed and coloureds
Employment and income
South Africa
current situation: Black vs. White
still inequality even though Apartheid ended in 1994
total population of 54 million
the majority of the population is black, followed by coloureds and whites
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