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The Document Lifecycle

Explaining the lifecycle of a document from it's creation to it's delivery and the people and processes involved

Workshare Ltd

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of The Document Lifecycle

THE MISCONCEPTION You may think that creating and managing documents through their respective lifecycle is pretty simple... As simple as creating a file Create And sending it via email Deliver Seems straightforward... but the reality is far more complex! THE TRUTH Understanding the complexity The Document Lifecycle From creation to delivery, your document will go through many stages and iterations involving different people, applications and tools. These stages are: Which are all a part of... The Document Lifecycle Here we highlight the five stages of a document's lifecycle and explain the processes, issues, people, and tools involved along the way. Starting with... The Process Create content
Edit content
Incorporate feedback The Issues Multiple parties collaborating on multiple versions
Multiple versions
Tracking changes and managing inputs The People Content creators
Reviewers The Tools Productivity applications
File sharing tools
Commenting tools The Process Upload and save data
Backup data
Sync The Issues Security
Storage capacity
Data protection The People Content creators
Reviewers The Tools Data centers
Storage platforms The Process Locate data The Issues Multiple versions
Search result accuracy The People Content creators
Reviewers The Tools Search tools
Storage platform The Process Invite colleagues
Get feedback
Make comments
Approve documents The People Content creators
Legal team The Issues Managing permissions
Complying with internal policies
Clarity of feedback
Task assignation The Tools Notification tools
Commenting tools The Process Publish data
Get feedback
Get approval The Issues File size limits
File formats
File recognition
Ease of access The People Clients
Internal teams
Content creators The Tools Social media channels
E-Marketing tools The conclusion The reality of creating and managing documents is more complex than you might first imagine Thanks for watching! www.workshare.com The Cloud Cloud collaboration platforms can benefit every stage of the document lifecycle by improving productivity and innovation, and driving efficiency
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