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The Montgolfier Brothers

No description

Hibah Usmani

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of The Montgolfier Brothers

The Montgolfier Brothers
Hibah Usmani

Joseph-Michel, Born on 8/26/1740
Jacques -Etienne, Born on 1/6/1745
Both born at Annonay, France
The Montgolfiers called the hot air balloon the "Montgolfiere" when it was invented.
Brothers dreamed of being with the clouds
Joseph- paper envelope+steam= FAILURE!
Also wondered about force causing the smoke and sparks of a fire rise
Jacques- paper envelope+sulfuric acid+iron fillings=FAILURE!
Joseph- taffeta envelope+flame near open end=SUCCESS
What Did They Think?
They invented a new gas- called "Montgolfier Gas"
Air becomes buoyant when heated
Marketplace of Annonay, France on 6/24/1783
9/19/1783, Versailles, France, carried rooster, duck and sheep
First human passengers, 10/15/1783
Lucky seven passengers, 1/19/1784
Jacques died on 8/2/1799
Joseph died on 6/26/1810
Jacques lived 54 years
Joseph lived 70 years
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