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Ten Things About me!

No description

Pippa Natale

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Ten Things About me!

Ten Things About me! By Pippa Natale 1ST Thing: This is my Aunty Valerie's perfect cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle), Buster, whom I love and think is HILARIOUS! 2ND Thing: BLUE is by far the greatest color ever! Dresses or
whatever, it
rocks! 3RD Thing: Love my baby sister :D 4TH Thing: The perfect Valentine gift for me would be... Engraved iPod 5!!! 5TH Thing: I would not live without friends :(. That would be TERRIBLE!! 6TH Thing: I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS!! I wish I was on Luly Road, almost to the mountains :( 7TH Thing: OMG! Texting is my LIFE!!!! 8TH Thing: Disneyland IS where dreams come true! 9TH Thing: I always will think of one person in my mind: my BFF, Allison. That is:
Me, Alex,
when we
little! 10TH Thing: I LOVE AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS!!!!!! I have: Kit, Kanani, and Caroline!
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