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animal and plant cells

connor hutchinson

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Cells

Every one is made up of cells in this picture. We will be working on plant cells and animal cells Don't you love cells Cells are in all living things cells cells cells cells cells cells cells animal cells and plant cells are almost the same take a look Plant cell Animal cells cell wall chloroplasts cell membrane vacuole cytoplasm golgi bodies endoplamic reticulum ribosomes nucleus mitochondria nuclear membrane nucleous do you like cells prokaryote cells eukaryote cells where here about 4 billion years ago numerous membrane-bound organelles no membrane-bound organelles were here about 1 billion years ago cell's are ONLY in living things Animals are made of eukaryote cells They are not made of prokaryote In the 1950s they started classifying them as prokaryote and eukaryote Plants and Animal cells by
Connor Hutchinson and Anthony Dodig Thanks for watching cells wall helps you grow and protection cell membrane protects cells and supports nucleus control cell activities cytoplasm supports and protects animal cells ribsomes helps make proteins chloroplast release oxygen uses energy from the sun to make energy vacuole stores food and water cytoplasm supports and protects cell organelles Plant cells have a larger vacuole Plant cells make there own food Plant cells have a cell wall Animal cells dont make food in their bodies doesn't have choroplast and plant cells do to make food Differences between plant and animal cells Similar stuff between plants and animal cells They both have a nucleus and a nucleolus They both have Ribosomes animal cell The Mitochondria They both have There both eukaryote cells Animals don't have a cell wall Both have a vacuole cells cells cells cells cells cells cells cells cells cells cells cells Plant Cell Parts Animal and Plants have eukaryote cells Only bacteria has prokaryote cells Both rectanguler circuler
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