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Heaven IS For Real

No description

Lauren Crandall

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Heaven IS For Real

Written By: Todd Burpo
Heaven is for Real
The setting is mainly in Imperial, Nebraska. However, another major setting is at the Great Plains Regional Medical Hospital. Finally, and definitely the most memorable setting, Heaven.
The theme of the story is to never give up on God. When Colton was severely ill, the family continued to pray to God for healing for their son. God protected and healed their son. God didn't stop there! He even took Colton to be with Him in Heaven while Colton's earthly body was in surgery. Colton's family never gave up on God, and God definitely never gave up on them.
Todd Burpo
Sanja Burpo
Colton Burpo
Cassie Burpo
Dr. O'Holleran
Todd Burpo
Todd Burpo is Colton's father, as well as a pastor in a small town in Nebraska. He relies on his faith in God to help him through the struggles that life brings.
Sonja Burpo
Sonja is Colton's mother. She works as a part-time teacher to help support her family's income.
Colton Burpo
Colton is a young boy who experienced Heaven in all of its beauty, first hand.
Cassie Burpo
Cassie is Colton's big sister. She was six years old at the very beginning of the book.
Dr. O'Holleran
Dr. O'Holleran gave the family the bad news about their son's health.
Jesus is the real-life character who comforted Colton while he was in Heaven. Jesus showed Colton the glorious wonders of Heaven and strengthed his faith greatly.
Plot Outline
In the beginning of the book, the Burpo family is bombarded with horrible news about their three-year old son, Colton. Colton became very sick and underwent a series of surgeries. With much prayer, Colton recovered miraculously. However, the family was astonished to learn of their son's visit to Heaven during surgery. Colton left his earthly body to be with Jesus for a while. When he returned to earth, he shared his story with many and strengthened the faith of many people with his first-hand experience in Heaven.
Submitted By: Lauren Crandall
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